Oil Skyrockets Past $100 a Barrel Thanks to Biden and the Ukrainian Conflict


Oil has been surging since President Biden got into the White House. His mere presence was enough to make producers worried. Then he dropped a bomb on the Keystone pipeline deal and watched the prices go higher and higher.

Despite all the evidence that he and he alone has been destroying this country’s energy sector and our economy, he still drones on about how this is all Trump’s fault or that the economy just does this sometimes. Yet everything points to him, and he as well as his leftists’ cronies refuse to hear or see it. They just deflect and try to find someone else to blame. Well now they have their opportunity, but it doesn’t quite fit.

The Ukraine – Russia conflict has been a gangbuster for oil prices. As the demand for Russian oil and other exports is historically low due to the sanctions, the rest of the globe has been having to step up to the plate to make things happen. This in turn allows prices to skyrocket at an astronomical rate. In turn, it also has had a ripple effect in other sectors of the economy. For example, 10-year Treasury yields are back down to their levels in February of 1.77%.

This $100 a barrel benchmark has not been seen since 2014. This troubling benchmark is something the American people cannot afford to tolerate. This Presidential agenda of pushing progressive politics over solutions to the problems Americans are faced with needs to end. We do not have to take this as a country, nor should we. The four years of listening to the left cry over Trump ignoring their cries about mean tweets and being direct in his statements was bad enough.

Now we have to listen to them cry about not getting their way even with their man in office and their people running the Senate. Maybe if they quit trying to challenge everything the right has to say, and instead learn that the right is correct more often than not, they could learn something. Especially something about how to run a country and how to keep pricing fair and equitable across the board.

Remember when Trump let some of the strategic reserves out to keep gas prices down? President Biden could consider that, and he could help keep our prices lower here. Instead, he’s ready to watch prices skyrocket as he touts the fossil fuel savings of electric cars. Never mind how disruptive the mining of their batteries is to the earth, he’s only concerned about the optics of pollution.

As the price is certain to soar even higher, the question now becomes when will it end? Will we see a return back to the lows we all loved, or are the high gas prices here to stay due to the oil shortage created due to Russia’s absence? If Biden will stroke his pen and allow for the expansion of oil production here in the US we could easily see it go down and go down very rapidly.

It’s funny to see how polarizing Biden wants to be for Trump. It’s like he sits back and thinks about whatever Trump would do, he will do the opposite. This is a big reason why our economy is in the toilet, and these sky-high oil prices are only compounding this situation too. Perhaps we will be fortunate and with the Republicans expected to nearly sweep the midterms we can get things back to normal. Back to prosperity, and back to a time where the gender identity, sexual orientation, and vegan status of a person are far less important than the quality of their character, the content of their heart, and how they treat their fellow man.