Omar Says Netanyahu’s ‘Existence’ is a Threat to Peace

The people of Israel headed to the polls on Tuesday to vote for Prime Minister. And in anticipation, Representative Ilhan Omar made sure she spoke her two cents about the possible outcomes.

No one expected her to wish current prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu to win, so that wasn’t very shocking. But what did come as a surprise, or should have, is what exactly she said about the man.

In an interview with “Face the Nation” on Sunday she said, “I certainly hope that the people of Israel make a different decision and my hope is that they recognize that existence, his policies, his rhetoric really is contradictory to the peace that we are all hoping that region receives and receives soon.”

Is it just me or does it seem like she is making threats here? She says his very existence is a threat to peace. Is she implying that he needs not to exist just as Israel and the Jewish people who live there should not exist?

It sure seems that way.

But then she used the same language in a Twitter post about the Israeli prime minister. She wrote, “Netanyahu’s existence as the leader of Israel has diminished any hope for a two-state solution, and we can’t be expected to be silent about that!”

Now, in this post, it would seem she is trying to cover her tracks a bit or at the very least clarify her intentions. The same terminology is used, but she adds just a few extra words to make it more palpable and not quite so ominous sounding.

However, not everyone bought her cover-up post.

One person commented on her post, “The antisemitism never ends with you! How can you say that the very existence of a man is bad? All you’re missing is the mustache and the slick haircut!”

Another questioned, “His ‘existence’?

And yet another responded by saying, “You mean Israel’s existence. We all know what you mean. It’s not just @netanyahu you hate, you hate all Jews and don’t think Israel should be allowed to exist.”

It’s hard to refute this last one, especially given all of the other remarks she has made about Israel and its leaders. After all, she and other members of the freshman squad have very publicly and openly endorsed legislation that would cut off the nation of Israel from the rest of the world’s economy and in so doing, force it to surrender to those that seek its demise.

It’s just a good thing that Omar and the squad still find themselves at the very bottom of the congressional pecking order.

Never the less, even without a grand amount of clout, she is still a member of the United States Congress. And as such, she does hold some amount of political weight. Thusly, she should be held to specific standards and expected to act and speak accordingly.

Talking on air, with the whole nation listening, about how the “existence” of a foreign leader of any country is a threat teeters on the verge of asking for his assassination.

And it’s made even by the fact that this nation, in particular, is one of America’s most significant and most vital allies.

And to top it off, even more, there is an election going on. We all know just how crazy things can get during an election. Emotions are high, and a lot can be at stake. And for some, they will do just about anything to win or to ensure that their favorite candidate does. Israel is no different.

Tensions are already an all-time high there, as this will be the second vote to take place in as little as six months for this position. The previous ballot in April gave Netanyahu the job. However, it was determined that he did not have enough support from other parties to hold the majority in parliament. Therefore, they are to vote again. And this one is not guaranteed to bring about a solution either, as the electorate is thoroughly divided.

Add that to the tensions between the Palestinians, the surrounding unstable Arab nations, and the Jews in the area, which have already escalated into wars, and you have a recipe for disaster.

This statement sounds like a threat. And while Netanyahu himself might not take it as such, there is no guarantee that supporters of his enemies, like Omar, won’t.

What is that saying? If it walks and talks like a threat…