Omar Still Head Hunting Republicans After Joking Comments Were Made

Eli Wilson/
Eli Wilson/

The lousy Democrats have a real problem with forgiving people for their mistakes. Instead of moving on when a person apologizes, they would continue to beat them until they are destroyed as a person and public servant. Ilhan Omar is the terrorist that sees her target, Lauren Boebert, as the next victim that needs to fall into the Republican Party. So far, every person that has refused to make an example of Boebert has been attacked by Omar’s nasty mouth.

The Progressive Party is backing messy Omar with her push to terrorize Lauren Boebert. They see this as their chance to get the Republican removed from every committee she serves on. And by getting her removed, they will have effectively removed conservative influence for the committees they control. And the sad part of her devious plan is that Nancy Pelosi favors voting the Republican off each committee.

The liberals also want to see a State Department section established to investigate and deal with any account of people making fun of Islamic terrorists. There is no office for any other religion in America, so it is another instance of the liberal left working to establish terrorism in America.

Ilhan Omar hates the United States. She has shown favoritism to the terrorist attackers that killed Americans on 9/11. She has supported the Palestinian terrorists as they purposely kill Israeli citizens with countless rocket attacks. The idea of an Islamic police office in American politics is opening a door for terrorism to reign against all non-Muslims in America.

Robert recognized her error and apologized to Omar soon after realizing it was a mistake. When she reached out to the short Omar, she got hatred and a refusal to forgive the slip-up. The comments made by Boebert were uncalled for but not to be expected since the Islamic terrorist Ilhan Omar supports the movement of Islam and the way that they kill innocent people.

The Progressive crowd is trying to make Boebert the third Republican removed from their duties in the House. They are a movement to attack Republicans any chance that they can. They have no heart for people that make mistakes. And are willing to capitalize on the moment any chance that they can.

Nancy Pelosi is as weak as she is blind to the Progressive crowd’s threat to American freedom. Andre Carson is another Islamic politician that is backing Omar. He stated, “We don’t know yet” if the bill is pinned to Boebert’s comments. He would love to see the elevator joke as the means to set up an office devoted to the terrorism of the Republican Party.

Progressive Ayanna Pressley stated that “Without meaningful accountability, we risk normalizing this unacceptable behavior & endangering the lives of our Muslim colleagues, Muslim staffers & any Muslim who calls America home. I stand w/ every staffer calling on House leadership to take action.”

Even the socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez favors the office is set up. She calls on people to condemn bigotry but fails to see how much of a bigot she has become since she is intolerant of other faiths.

Omar blasts out that Islamophobia is rising around the world. That belief is probably the only truthful thing she has ever said. And the reason people want nothing to do with Islam because the followers are terrorists and will kill anyone that would stand in their way of global domination. The Muslims have no right to enter into a sovereign country and demand that everyone follow their way of life.

The only way the Progressives can continue to push for socialism and an Islamic America is to tear down every person they can. By getting Boebert out of influential positions, they can put their people in her place and push their ideology. The Republican Party is the last force in America that seeks to keep America free and separate from the forces that would seek to tear the country apart.