Oprah, the Billionaire, Explains the Problems with White Privilege

Poor, poor, Oprah. The self-made billionaire with her own talk show, book club, and more is going to explain how white privilege works.

She’ll also explain how it’s so difficult to go through life as a black person. Because, obviously, skin color has had such a negative impact on her life thus far.

Oprah Winfrey has decided that she needs to take a moment to inform America about their “whiteness.” Anyone who is white has a “leg up” over those people of color – and that the reality is inescapable.

Hmm, then how did she go about making billions while there are plenty of white people in America who haven’t made billions? There’s obviously a flaw in her logic, yet we’re not supposed to talk about that.

Arguing with a black person over white privilege, by the way, makes you all the more racist. So don’t even try bringing logic into the argument.

According to Oprah, there is a white caste system that America has put into place. “There are white people who are not as powerful as the system of white people — the caste system that’s been put in place — but they still, no matter where they are on the rung, or the ladder of success, they still have their whiteness.”

Anyone have a clue of what she’s talking about? Well, whiteness leads to white privilege. It gives people an advantage. Pretty sure that any white person stuck in a dead-end job or living in a trailer park or who has dealt with domestic violence most of their life will disagree.

Oprah may want to accuse the country of their whiteness, but what about her blackness? You know, that finger-pointing that says that every white person lives a life of privilege? Oprah with her billions of dollars has lost touch with reality.

Every white person is racist because of the whiteness that affords white privilege. However, on Oprah’s show, she featured some guests on there who became “woke” and admitted that he was racist because of never actively practicing anti-racism.

As she talks with one guest, she encourages him to tell her story by saying, “You’ve become woke during this period, and realized in that awakening that you are racist, right? I just want to know how that happened.”

What in the world is happening right now?

Meanwhile, Oprah also invites former NFL linebacker Emmanuel Acho onto the show to help her interview white guests. This, by very nature making it black versus white, is racist, but she doesn’t see it this way.

It’s educational. Because she now believes it is her mission to teach white people about their whiteness and how it is so damaging.

Yep. A billionaire media mogul and a former NFL player who has made millions in his career are going to speak for black people about how white people and their white privilege have held people down. Apparently, there’s no hypocrisy in any of this.

If there’s so much white privilege in the country, how is it possible that a black woman rose to such power? Oprah can literally say the name of a book and it will become a New York Times bestseller within a week.

Acho made millions to play a game that he loves in the only country that plays the sport. Both are black and were not held back because of their skin color. They have done very well for themselves. Please, identify the problem here.

Acho tries to break it down a bit more. “As a black person, white people — the proverbial phrase of white people — they run America. CEOs, Fortune 500 companies, execs, ownership.

They run America. Not an individual white person, but collective white people.” Oh, collective white people. But, that’s not true either – and every black person in the role of a CEO or business owner will argue with him.

White privilege exists, but it’s not inherent to everyone with white skin. It’s about upbringing and the amount of money in the bank. This is America. You get what you work for, regardless of skin color.