Outrageous: Wacky Democrats Ban…SINGING?

Demonic Democrats in California are working again to try and persecute the churches that are scattered around the liberal state. The ringleader of such atrocious acts is none other than Governor Gavin Newsom. When COVID-19 first came out Newsom shut everything down, including churches. But when he went to open things back up, churches were told they could not reopen.

Through struggles and torment, churches finally won the right to open. But now nuisance Newsom has banned all singing and chanting in church settings. His reasoning is because COVID cases are on the rise again.

He honestly believes that singing is what causes the virus to spread. His mind is warped to the point that anything related to church or religion is going to produce viral outbreaks. He stated in his new demonic driven guidelines that “Places of worship must, therefore, discontinue singing and chanting activities and limit indoor attendance to 25 percent of building capacity or a maximum of 100 attendees, whichever is lower.”

Every liberal leader around the country has tried some stunt to limit what churches can do. But this is the most ridiculous order yet.

Newsom is telling people that it would be better for church people to sing online from home. The next thing he is going to try and do is tell people that they cannot talk in public. This order to restrict singing is just as absurd. Newsom picked through the CDC’s list of ways to spread the virus and reasoned that singing must stop.

He failed to remind people that other viral infections such as the flu and cold are also spread by singing. But he does not want people to know that part of the truth.

The loony left did not understand that when the states started to reopen that there was going to be another spike. But now that it has happened it is just a matter of time before those numbers start to fall again. The era of testing will be coming to an end very soon.

Sean Feucht is a worship leader at Bethel Church. He stated that “For the last several weeks, tens of thousands of people have been gathering outdoors in cities all across California and they have been screaming and chanting and protesting, and all the while state officials are encouraging them as they do this.”

The attacks on the churches are inconsistent with what the liberals are encouraging the protestors to do. They encourage them to yell, chant, and scream all of the time. This is nothing more than an attempt to silence religious conservative people.

Sean Feucht also noted that “And then now, as the church wants to gather just like we’ve been doing for thousands of years to simply worship God, they bring the hammer down against us. It’s just, can you see the hypocrisy and how insane this is? … It really is time that we take a stand and that we fight back.”

Feucht has been one that has had to worship in countries where religion is illegal. He stated in memory that “We’ve spent the last 20 years mobilizing worship in places where it is illegal. Never in my life would I believe that it would be California in 2020.”

Newsom has already forgotten that President Trump has already stated that churches and places of worship or essential. They cannot be restricted in the fashion that he is trying to do to them. Rev. Samuel Rodriguez is a member of the National COVID-19 Recovery Commission. He pointed out and said that “How can you permit, not for one day, but for many days, tens of thousands to march in protest without wearing masks and then demand that 100 worshipers refrain from singing?”

What Newsom is doing to people is discriminatory. And he should be held accountable for his actions.

As a liberal, he will hate places of worship. So, when he gets the chance to hurt or harm forms of worship, he is going to take advantage of it.

Newsom is a danger to the people of California. He seeks to form the state into a socialist model that will doom the state to failure. He certainly does not love people the way that President Trump cares for people.