Overturning a Connecticut Ruling on Guns

What would America do without the National Rifles Association and all of the pro-gun people of this great nation?  We would lose our gun rights along with all our guns; that’s what would happen.

It began with the Connecticut court ruling in favor of the gun control activists concerning the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School.  The case is now headed to the Supreme Court where a brief has been filed by multiple pro-gun groups.

Thank goodness, with 10 conservative state officials, the NRA, and 22 House Republicans stepping up to the plate to fight for our rights, we all stand a chance the court’s ruling will be overturned.

The law currently keeps the gun manufactures safe when there is a mass shooting.  They cannot get sued when the gun they produced was used in the event.  Connecticut courts illegally overruled this law and gun owners are stepping up to fight it with what seems to be the Calvary backing us up.

The Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act has been in place since 2005 to protect the gun manufactures.  It has been a controversy since day one with the ones who support arms versus the ones who want more gun control laws.

The Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act protected Remington when a Bushmaster AR-15-style rifle was used in the Newton, Connecticut school in 2012.  Six teachers and 20 first graders were reported killed in the incident.

A survivor and some relatives of the deceased filed a lawsuit against Remington in 2015.  The judge threw the case out due to the Act protecting the manufacturer.

Leave it to the snowflake Liberals to jump up and say how the law is “too favorable to gun-makers, and it has been used to bar lawsuits over other mass killings.” We have our rights too, and it is a good thing we have the back up to fight for it for us in Washington D.C.

The snowflakes and the Left are watching the case in Connecticut very carefully because if this Act is abolished, then we are all screwed as gun supporters when it comes to the Second Amendment rights.  There will be more cases coming up to sue the manufacturers, and they are watching closely too.

The ten states which are in support of the Second Amendment rights and appealing the Connecticut court’s decision are as follows, West Virginia, Utah, Texas, South Dakota, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Louisiana, Georgia, Alabama, and Arkansas.  Officials from these states filed the briefs this week.  There may be more possibly to come.

The summary in the argument which will go before the Supreme Court states, “The Connecticut Supreme Court’s decision reads a narrow exception broadly. That reading is inconsistent with the text of the PLCAA. And it creates uncertainty for States seeking to implement sound gun policies consistent with federal law.

Indeed, cooperative federalism works only when the rules of federal preemption are clear—i.e. when Congress enacts clear laws and courts faithfully apply the text of those laws. The decision below muddies the PLCAA’s apparent scope.

It also creates uncertainty for individuals and businesses working in the firearms industry, which in turn impacts the amici States’ economies. In forcing petitioners to defend against claims flowing from a deranged killer’s mass murder, the Connecticut Supreme Court has foisted onto the firearms industry a burden that Congress explicitly sought to eliminate.”

The NRA stepped up with the Connecticut Citizens Defense League and filed a brief stating it is a violation against the Act and is threatening the Second Amendment rights.  The brief said, “The right to keep and bear arms means nothing if the ability to acquire those arms is not possible because the firearm industry is put out of business by unlimited and uncertain liability for criminal misuse of their products.”

The lawyer who filed the lawsuits against Remington is still defending the suit and the decision of Connecticut’s court.  Katie Mesner Hage stated, “None of the politically-motivated briefs filed on Remington’s behalf undermine the well-reasoned determination by our state’s highest court that these families deserve their day in court.”

It is always the worst form of a tragedy when people get shot and killed by a person who has gone mad.  Maybe, they were always insane, and they just snapped for whatever reason.

The snowflakes continue to say how they should do away with guns.  This will never solve the problem, and the argument back and forth will not solve it either.