Paid Leave… Because Biden Wants to Help Illegal Aliens Instead of Sending Them Back Home

It’s a problem when the Biden administration is looking for help to comfort the illegal aliens instead of help to send them home. Border crossers are getting more help than ever, and the federal government is paying for it.

Emails have been sent out to federal employees to ask them to take paid leave. Employees of agencies such as NASA, the Department of Homeland Security, and more are being asked to consider a four-month paid leave.


With a paid leave, it would allow the Biden administration to support migrants entering the country more effectively. Federal employees could care for migrant children and help to run government shelters that are packed with illegal migrants.

Let’s be clear. The federal government is looking to provide paid leave for federal employees so that migrants can be better accommodated. Biden is more interested in inviting these migrants to stay rather than sending them back across the border.

There are better ways to spend federal dollars – and that includes federalizing the National Guard to stop the flow of migrants into the United States.

This is proof that the Biden administration is eager to open borders and invite unaccompanied alien children (UACs) into the country. Could that be hundreds? Thousands? The numbers are astonishing, and the federal money being used is even more so.

A briefing memo was sent to administration officials of the health department to deploy all available federal volunteers to support the government-run shelters at the border. This means that rather than continuing to work in the areas where they are hired, employees will be working on case management, IT, transportation, and childcare pertaining to migrant children.

It is estimated that thousands of federal employees will be coming to the aid of these illegal border crossers. The Biden administration has been overwhelmed – and federal immigration officials can’t handle it on their own.

In the month of March alone, there were close to 170,000 border crossers. And of that number, over 18,000 were UACs. It’s a 72 percent increase over the prior year. More, it’s all because of Biden’s actions to do away with Trump-era border policies.

Tens of thousands of border crossers have been entering the country illegally every month – and not all of them are caught by government officials. There are plenty that “get away” so that they can go on to live in the U.S. undetected.

The problem is only getting worse. It’s become clear that the Biden administration is not looking to shut it down. They might as well kick the doors wide open. They’ve already spent billions to put migrants into hotels when detention centers have become overfilled. Now, we’re using federal money and federal employees to run a very large daycare for unaccompanied alien children.

How much money is too much? We’re at that number already. And it’s only going to become more as the Biden administration continues to invite the problem into the country.

Kamala Harris is doing nothing to shut it down. Joe Biden is doing nothing to shut it down.

Meanwhile, there are families and single adults entering the country at an alarming pace, too.

The economy cannot support such a problem. And as for the migrant alien children, who will eventually care for them? Most likely, family will magically appear for them – and they’ll be released to migrant adults who are also in the country illegally.

The Biden administration is naïve. They think that these kids are actually unaccompanied. It’s all a ploy to get more of the families into the country. And when the parents finally come, they’re not being deported and they’re not being brought up on charges of child abandonment.

The whole thing is wrong – and now that federal government employees are being asked to take paid leave to play babysitter, it shows how out of control the situation really is.