Passengers with COVID-19 Flew on Flights to California, Public Not Warned

Social distance. Wear a mask. Keep your hands clean. Don’t touch your face. Stay home if possible. Only breath when required.

The worst pandemic to ever sweep across our nation has Americans playing and living by a new set of rules. These guidelines for staying alive have been preached with more fire and brimstone than a snake-twirling preacher on Sunday morning. Hallelujah.

Shops closed down and many have gone under. And even with the safe and gradual opening of bars, restaurants, churches, Disney World, and the like, we are still being reminded to exercise great caution when in a public setting.

Capitalizing on a catastrophe, designer face mask companies have popped up everywhere. One company will even imprint your actual face on a mask so your friends and family will always know who’s hiding behind that cloth face covering. In other words, everyone is fully aware of what’s going on and what we are supposed to do.

But back in mid-March when we were first catching wind of the China virus invading America’s shores, we were still hoping to stop it in its tracks before it started spreading. All indicators were pointing to our President and his highly expert staff doing a great job, but because little was known about this new virus, they could only base their war against it by what they were seeing.

Understandably, they were shooting in the dark, but at least they had the good sense to take aim and hope for scoring a bullseye. When the coronavirus gave its first indication of not cooperating with the White Houses many exhausting efforts, President Trump told state Governor’s to start shutting things down. The safety of America, above all else, came first.

Also in mid-March, a retired surgeon from New York buckled the belt on his first-class seat and proceeded to spread his nasty Covid-19 germs, via recycled air, into a fully enclosed metal container known as an airplane.

Having no idea he was infected, the doctor unknowingly shared the disease with 49 passengers and eight crew members on a cross-country flight from New York City’s JFK to LAX in Los Angeles. A six-hour flight from shore-to-shore.

According to all reports, some of those passengers later died. But this was not the first incident of its type. Earlier in March a passenger plane with 200 travelers, not inclusive of the crew members, contained one infected passenger.

The passengers on that flight deboarded and proceeded to their families and respective communities. When health officials learned of this they never even attempted to contact any of the other passengers who had been on board, Oops! At this point, the diseases spread from the Korean flight is all but impossible to determine.

When the former state of California epidemiologist, Dr. George Rutherford was informed of these mishaps, all he could manage to do was shake his head and say, “Christ. That’s a problem.” Indeed, Dr. Rutherford. Indeed.

Now hold on because this is about to get far worse. The surgeon on the first flight, just one day later, developed a high fever and a phlegmy cough and was rushed to an emergency room.

As a result of the other passengers aboard this domestic flight also never being traced and contacted, Covid-19 made its way into a California assisted living facility where a dozen residents met their fates.

A spokesperson the Center for Disease Control and Prevention told the L.A. Times the CDC was never contacted by any Los Angeles health officials. Their failure to act responsibly prevented them from instigating the immediate tracing action they ordinarily would have.

The CDC spokesperson went on to say, “Any delay in contacting exposed individuals will increase the likelihood of disease spread.” As has been plainly witnessed, the liberal-minded health officials in La-La-Land were in direct violation of President Trump, and the CDC’s guidelines. Only because they dislike Trump, they didn’t do what they should have, and people died.

As of now, the CDC has conducted 392 tracing actions as a result of flights. But they missed these two through no fault of their own. Thank you, California. Your ignorance is appalling.

Regardless of the CDCs measures, flying still puts passengers at a much greater risk of contracting Covid-19. The reasons for this are simple according to epidemiologist David Engelthaler. “Sitting in a closed environment for an extended period of time just increases the overall exposure.”

It’s up to us if we choose to take the added risks associated with flying. But it’s also up to every airport in every Democratic liberal state to obey the guidelines set forth by our government and President Trump. Until they choose to do so, it’s going to be an extremely long haul.