Pathetic Pelosi Fails on Saudi Arabia

Pathetic Pelosi is an engaged psychopath that just cannot get her act together. For three years the nation has been moving forward and has been seeing tremendous growth. For three years the president has worked with the Senate and others to build a better America.

But for some reason, pathetic Pelosi believes that old and irrelevant issues should be brought up and dealt with instead of working with what is new and important.

Pelosi has felt the need to bash President Trump and his administration for their plans to sell weapons to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. There is also a push to send more troops to the region in an attempt to keep Iran from enacting terror on America’s allies.

Pelosi is mad because President Trump and others have left Congress in the background concerning these decisions. Pelosi needs to wake up and get caught up with the times. President Trump is tired of trying to work with a bunch of Democratic babies that squabble like children and never can seem to make a decision other than to impeach the president.

No one in their right mind would ever try to include a bunch of people that have no clue as to what is happening around them. The Democrats in Congress have been so drunk with trying to impeach the president and life difficult for everyone else that they have missed the signs of wear on the horizon.

She accuses President Trump of not wanting to work with her and the rest of the Democratic daycare. Quite a statement from a psychopath lady that refuses to work with the president on other issues.

President Trump treats others as they treat him. He works with people that are willing to work with him. He works well with people that he does not get along with because there is mutual respect.

When Pelosi speaks it is very evident that there is no respect in her towards the president. And after several attempts to work with Pelosi President Trump has had enough. The deadweight of the House of Representatives of the Democratic party is no longer part of his plan. The only time he works with the Democrats is when he has to.

Pelosi says that President Trump’s actions “are cause for alarm.” But what is alarming is the way that the Democrats continue to cry about not having a say in anything and their consistent attempt to tear down the president.

They constantly bash him at every turn. Never giving praise for victories over what many believe to be unsolvable problems. But that is what President Trump does. He overcomes impossible tasks to build a better America.

The president knows that the Middle East is an international hotspot. But he also knows the importance of keeping Iran away from Saudi Arabia and the UAE. When Iran attacked the Saudi oil fields they crossed a line that is just inviting war to their borders.

Just like the Democrats, Iran blames all their problems on President Trump. They never stop to look at their actions and how they are hurting other people. If there ever was a nation for just Democrats, Iran would be the place. Both groups of people have the same destructive agendas and even seek to enslave the world for their exploits.

The Democratic party hates a free America and so does Iran. They have become a political party of shame. They embarrass themselves daily and take no thought of how ludicrous they look and sound. This is also what Iran does.

Their leaders say they want peace but go and attack innocent people. They say they want to work out a new deal but secretly enrich their uranium for nuclear weapons. There is no consistency of truth for either group of people.

The Democrats believe they have their figure on the pulse of the nation. They claim that America has no desire to go to war. But they are further from the truth. The vast majority of the nation wants to stop Iran and if that means going to war then that is what must be done.