Peace in Afghanistan Sounds Groovy…Except to the Taliban. Peace Talks? Forget About It

Peace in Afghanistan sounds good. Let’s make it happen. Not so fast… It takes two to tango and the Taliban isn’t dancing. A scheduled international peace conference where the US and other European nations were going to convince the warring factions to share in the wealth, isn’t going to happen.

The meeting was expected to produce an overflowing cornucopia of peaceful resolution, but the organizers hit a snag. They were the only ones interested. They couldn’t generate enough interest from any of the gun-slinging groups in Afghanistan to sell the required amount of tickets, most importantly, the Taliban who prefer using their own proven methods.

Germany’s Defense Ministry said that NATO military leaders had planned on moving the original withdrawal of international troops, slated for Sep 11, to be moved forward to as early as July 4.

David Hembold, a Spokesperson for the Ministry, said, “The Resolute Support headquarters in Kabul is currently considering whether to shorten the withdrawal period. The 4th of July is now being considered as a pullout date. The ministry informed the (German parliament’s) defense committee about this today.” Well. Best of luck to ya’.

Joe Biden thought pulling out of Afghanistan would be a walk in the park. There is no such thing as departing in a concise and orderly fashion from a terrorist-infected country that has never known peace. You either pull up all the stakes at once, or you stay, the way Donald Trump suggested.

Every nation involved in wanting their troops out of there has agreed that no matter what happens, they’re going to do it anyway. It would just be nice if the Afghans would make it easier. The total number of remaining troops is in the neighborhood of 13,000, depending on the current day’s body count of American and allied soldiers who have no idea why they are even there.

The meeting, which was to take place on neutral ground in Instanbul, was canceled after the Taliban declared it as a spectacle designed to do nothing more than serve the interests of the demon known as America. The organizer of the event, which would be the Biden administration, claims the meeting has merely been postponed, but we know better. Don’t we? It’s the Taliban. They live to kill.

Case in point. Only hours before the postponement announcement, (cough, cough,) a suicide bomber earned 77 wives by attacking and wounding seven civilians and Afghan security forces in Kabul. There were no reported fatalities. Better luck next time bud. Get it?

Next case in point. Targeted attacks on Afghan security forces have only escalated in past weeks and any civilians in too close proximity give it up for Allah without choice. But, in the demented minds of the Taliban, this is considered a win-win.

Residents are correct in assuming that beheadings, hangings, rapes, tortures, and other terrorist pleasures are only going to significantly increase once foreign troops have bid them a fond adieu. But they aren’t grateful enough for the past twenty years to warrant any country staying on for another two decades. There comes a time and it’s long overdue.

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu lied through his rotted teeth when he said the meeting had been postponed due to a lack of clarity, but he refused to elaborate on what appeared murky. It couldn’t possibly be because of his collaboration with warring insurgent factions in hopes they’ll topple the Afghan government, could it? Nah. Didn’t think so.

The Middleeast is, and shall forever remain, at war with one another, both internally and with their neighboring countries. They are Muslim nations ruled under oppression as dictated in the koran. Every one of them interprets the book differently to suit their own needs, and their rulebook advocates violence as the best way of getting what you want.

What do you think? What’s the method for hightailing it out of there?