Peaceful Protest? There’s Nothing ‘Peaceful’ About Shooting Drivers

Peaceful protesters don’t shoot drivers. If they do, they have to give up the idea that they’re doing anything peacefully. It’s not only not peaceful, it’s called murder – and protesters around the country need to pay attention.

More and more protesters are deciding that they want to carry on their protests by blocking traffic. The protesters are getting more violent and vehicles are being targeted simply because of choosing to drive down a certain road.

It’s hard to figure out who is the bigger problem.

There’s the media, trying to portray drivers as right-wing conspirators. You know, because if you’re driving down the road on the way to work and a crazy leftist protester throws themselves at your car, it’s your fault. The headlines have been comical, saying how vehicles are “ramming protesters,” “striking protesters,” and “attacking.” There’s nothing in there about it being the only self-defense tactic that the driver has against the violent protesters.

Then, there are the protesters who want to blame the peaceful drivers for being hit.

The protesters seem to forget that if they weren’t in the street, they wouldn’t be hit. It’s that bit of common sense they lack – and what’s worse, is the media is prepared to back them up every step of the way.

They may want to figure something out quickly: If you’re in the street, there’s a strong chance of being hit. Further, if you throw stuff at the car or threaten the driver, they may use the gas and drive through you and all of your friends protesting while standing (quite literally) in their way.

One protester in Alamosa, CO shot a man in the head. Such violence is also happening in Provo, UT, and Atlanta, GA.

As soon as protesters start using guns on innocent drivers, they are no longer peaceful. They’re committing murder. And, yes, it’s premeditated if they even have the gun on them at a protest, to begin with.

The protesters don’t even know what they’re protesting against. They don’t know the drivers. They don’t know if the driver is on their way to join in on the protest. They don’t know the viewpoint of the driver. All they know is the driver was in their way, so they used a handgun to shoot the driver. Why? They don’t even know.

It’s as if the protesters, who have stopped being peaceful, are trying to be as violent as they can to provoke the police into a violent response. This would be perfect for them – they can be martyrs and fuel more demonstrations.

What they don’t realize is that the police would have the authority to use violent force. And, if the police take them down without using violence, they will go to jail. And, then to prison. With so many protesters filming everything, the murders are being caught on camera. It means that they cannot even fight the charges in a courtroom.

If you happen to drive through an area where there is a protest, and they are happening everywhere, you’re in danger. The actual protests that are still peaceful are few and far between. Most include people who are stupid, armed, and will shoot at anyone without asking questions.

Drivers need to act accordingly, even if that means driving right on down the road, whether there are people in the road or not. What’s the alternative? You could stop to wait for them to get out of the road and risk being shot in the head.

As the violence continues to play out, it could become a bloodbath. How many murders can they commit before the police have to step in? If all of the protesters have guns, will the police have the ability to use force? Since it’s been weeks since George Floyd’s murder, there’s no telling what the reason for the violence is anymore…or how long it’s going to continue.