Pelosi Has Failed to Get Tested for Coronavirus Proving She’s a Hypocrite

Most people in the White House are getting tested for the coronavirus. With the close-quarter briefings and such, it’s imperative that they know who has been exposed. Should a test come back positive, it allows the person to go into quarantine for their own personal health and to help others.

Nancy Pelosi, however, is a hypocrite.

She’s failed to get tested for the coronavirus. As second in line for the presidency behind Mike Pence, she should be showing concern for her health and the health of her fellow politicians. She’ll wear a mask, but that’s about it.

Donald Trump and Mike Pence, however, have been getting tested daily. It ensures that the leaders of our country are healthy.

With Pelosi so hell-bent on taking down the Republican Party, one would think that she’d be getting tested, too, so that she’s healthy enough to take over in the event that both the President and Vice President go down.

Perhaps she (and the rest of the Democratic Party) needs a reminder on the line of succession. If she were to get sick with COVID-19 and path while the Dems are busy trying to take down the GOP, they could miss their chance to get a Dem in office. If she were gone, the position for president would go to over a dozen Republicans before every getting to another Democrat.

If for no other reason than to prepare for an opportunity, Pelosi should be getting tested. However, she remains stubborn.

She claims she asked her doctor if she should get tested and “he said no.” So, she’s listening to one doctor as opposed to the healthcare advice of the CDC, WHO, and White House medical professionals. Sure, that sounds reasonable.

The biggest problem with Pelosi not getting tested is that it’s already been confirmed that she’s been in the same room with another Congressman who was later diagnosed. The possibility of her being exposed is high, and yet she’s not concerned enough to get tested.

She says she hasn’t experienced any symptoms. She’s also using the scarcity of tests as a crutch. One test isn’t going to ruin it for the rest of society. Perhaps it’s that she doesn’t want to get deep-throated by a swab stick. However, getting deep-throated seems like the least that she could do for her country at this point.

The reason for testing high-up White House officials is for the safety of the individuals as well as to maintain a running government. Trump and Pence aren’t the only ones being tested. Any officials or staff meeting with the President or VP or traveling with them are being tested, too.

Pelosi is also one of the oldest individuals in the White House. At 80 years old, she carries a significant amount of risk. She was only several feet away from Representative Nydia Velasquez, who fell ill to the coronavirus.

Then, Senator Tim Kaine disclosed that he tested positive for the antibodies, which means that he came into contact with the virus at some point.

Still, Pelosi refuses to get tested.

With the position of power that she holds, her age, and the proximity that she maintains with others, it’s surprising that she is continuing to forgo a test. Further, Washington DC remains to be a hotspot.

Pelosi, along with Mitch McConnell her GOP Counterpart in the Senate, have decided to decline the offer for further testing machines. They would rather have the resources go directly to those who are in need. They don’t want to take away and, instead, are opting for strictly enforced social distancing along with implementing new cleaning procedures.

While it’s a noble cause to not take resources away from the front-line, what about the importance of maintaining an operating government? Mitch McConnel may not be a part of the line of succession but Pelosi is. She can stay on her high horse a bit longer, but if she ends up with the coronavirus, she has only herself to blame for being a martyr.