Pelosi Thinks She Can Get Holy Communion Even When Pope Says No

Nancy Pelosi has been known to say some arrogant things in her career. Even after all of the vile things she has said and done, she believes she can still claim to be Catholic.

The Catholic church has been clear on what it takes to receive Holy Communion.

Pushing legislation that legalizes abortion is not the kind of activity that is becoming of a Catholic. And, yet, Pelosi has done it regularly. She doesn’t believe in the sanctity of life, and she’s happy to let her pro-life choices damn her soul.

Yet, she doesn’t really believe that her choices damn her soul. She’s not even willing to accept that the Pope gets the final word on whether she can receive Holy Communion.

When it comes to receiving communion in church, she has said, “I think I can use my own judgment.”

Yes, the Speaker of the House really is that arrogant.

There’s a significant amount of controversy when it comes to supporting legalized abortion. Though the U.S. archbishops and the Bishops’ conference have made it clear: Holy Communion is reserved for those who believe in the sanctity of life.

Catholic bishops don’t believe that catholic politicians who promote the legislation that would legalize abortion and euthanasia should receive Holy Communion.

So, if the bishops don’t want to allow Pelosi to receive Holy Communion, how exactly does she plan on getting it?

She can’t steal the communion wafers as that goes against everything. If it is not provided to her by a priest during the communion ceremony, it is not the same. It doesn’t hold the same blessing – and as a catholic, she should know this.

She can’t argue the fact, either. The bishops have been clear on why she and other politicians are not able to receive communion.

Pelosi seems to be struggling with the fact that there is someone who dares to reject her. She thinks that by saying she’ll use “her own judgment” about receiving communion, she’ll somehow be allowed.

If she goes up to receive communion, the priest can simply refuse to give it to her. She’s a large enough political figure that any priest in the country would be able to identify her immediately.

With the way that she stands on abortion rights, she’s teetering on the edge of excommunication.

Jesuit Cardinal Luis Ladaria Ferrer, the Vatican prefect, has written to Archbishop Jose Gomez. Ladaria explains to the president of the U.S. Bishops’ Conference how political figures should be handled. The document is titled “The Participation of Catholics in Political Life and explains “bishops should unite as a conference to insist on the duty of Catholic politicians to oppose all legislation that undermines the right to life.”

The Vatican prefect went on to recommend a memorandum from 2004 that was written by then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger – the same who went on to become Pope Benedict XV. It explains the principles that warrant the reception of Holy Communion, which can be helpful to local ordinaries when dealing with pro-choice politicians in the United States.

The Catholic Church has always taught that abortion is a grave sin. Therefore, it’s not up to Pelosi to judge for herself whether she can get communion or not. The church is deciding for her – and she is not worthy to receive the Holy Eucharist.

Pelosi has a choice. She can refuse it on her own or she can choose to stand in front of a church only for a priest to be forced to refuse it to her.

At that point, she would have to face the consequences of her liberal actions. She, of course, could choose to stomp her stiletto and throw a tantrum at the church. Though, that would hardly be what a good catholic would do.

Ladaria did warn that refusing to distribute the Holy Communion could be controversial enough to “become a source of discord rather than unity.” This is where Pelosi’s arrogance comes from. She believes that she will be given the Holy Communion to avoid the church becoming a source of discord.

Perhaps she should realize that the catholic church is bigger than she is – and by the church denying her communion, it could bring a higher level of unity. She might want to think about confessing her sins if she ever wants to receive Holy Communion ever again.