Pelosi’s Daughter Shows How Younger Generation Cannot Compete with Modern Day Common Sense

The Pelosi family just cannot seem to get anything right. Nancy Pelosi keeps living above the law while her clueless daughter makes the family look more foolish than they already are. The Democrats keep pushing fake news reports on influential Republicans only to find that they are the ones hurting their image. They really never learned how to slam talk people in such a way as to make themselves look cool.

Nancy Pelosi’s daughter is Christine Pelosi. Her mission was to make Ron DeSantis look like an idiot. Her attempt to fuel the hatred the left has for DeSantis brought shame to her family. As an adult, she should have some level of professionalism, unlike her childish mother. But the Pelosi kids seem to dishonor their family name.

Christine Pelosi has shown very well how much the loony liberals fear DeSantis. They know that he would make a fantastic president and would be willing to shut down the liberal’s nonsensical approach to working politics like some sport.

The Floridian governor took the bull by the horns and slammed dunked the COVID-19 issue. His success in how he won the victory against the virus has the liberals on edge. They hate the fact that he has proven that there was a better way of beating the China virus.

The liberals wanted to lock every down and take away their right to work and earn a living. DeSantis makes Andrew Cuomo and Gavin Newsom look horrible as governors. But that is just the beginning of the fight. Pelosi’s daughter wanted to slam DeSantis to pull attention away from Cuomo and his problems.

Somehow the liberals have come to believe that silence will make everything fine. That someway the problems will just disappear. As much as they may try to divert attention from themselves, it always has a way of biting them in the rear as it comes up again and again.

Ron DeSantis does not attack problems blindly like the Democrats love to do. He took a page out of Donald Trump’s book and learned to gather the facts before making a decision on a course of action.

His wise way of thinking only makes him look bright and right. And it backs him up when the liberals come back around for another swipe at his face.

Florida is an open state and has been for nearly a year. Their death rate is better than the closed states. And with a population of seniors found nowhere else in the country, they have put the first and protected them, unlike Cuomo to the north that put thousands of them in their graves.

California and New York have horrible unemployment percentages because they took jobs away from people. People were locked uptight, and since they could not work, they were fired because of their governor’s actions. Florida’s unemployment rate sits at just over five percent. At the same time, the other two large states sit close to ten percent.

Christine Pelosi would have loved for the world to come to an end so that she could blame it on the victorious Republican. But Pelosi’s daughter just is not getting her spoiled way.

She seems to think that the spring break issues in Miami are the governor’s fault. It is easy to pass the blame on to a person that a political party does not like. Pelosi’s daughter is no exception. She took the time to find one issue stating that she could link to a virus and discredit DeSantis. But she ended up failing miserably and bringing shame to her family name.

The issues in Miami have nothing to do with the governor. Miami is its city, and they have to deal with their issues.

Pelosi and her daughter must have forgotten how Nancy Pelosi wanted everyone to crowd out of Chinatown and get infected with the China virus. And here they are, crying about how a few college kids got all rowdy on spring break. Pelosi and her daughter must have forgotten that they have better things to do than to whine about kids having fun in a state that has been open for a year. It just shows how jealous they are because they cannot have any fun.