Pentagon Admits to Being Clueless on Tackling Extremism in the Military

Extremism is everywhere. And it’s always existed. There are members of both the extreme right and the extreme left who don’t agree with the way in which the government is being run.

So, the extremists take action. They do things like setting up autonomous zones in the downtown areas of capital cities. They also do things like raid the Capitol Building.

Only since the “insurrection” is there a focus on tackling extremism. This is because the Democratic voices are getting louder. They want to pretend as though there are no extremists in their party. They want to blame it all on Trump supporters.

If you’re a member of the GOP, you must be part of the problem. Oh, and if you’re white? You need to learn to be less white.

The Democrats have turned. They’ve made dangerous assumptions. And they’re looking to make immediate changes.

Now, you might be thinking, wait a second, the Antifa and Black Lives Matter riots included those associated with the military, too.

True, but they weren’t as obvious.

Those that were a part of the Capitol Hill riots were loud and proud Americans. They carried flags of the Marine Corps and the Air Force. They wore military tactical gear. Some even had unit patches to show where they served during their time in military service.

So, the Democrats are scared.

They have realized that if they want to destroy America, they have to destroy those who would stand in their way.

The Democrats, and more specifically, the left-wing extremists within the party, are perfectly content to turn a blind eye to the left-wing extremists in the military. They’re only concerned with the right-wing ones.

So far, it’s been estimated that 1 in 5 of those who have been criminally charged with the storming of the Capitol were either currently serving members of the military or have previously worn the uniform.

Domestic extremists have flaunted ties to the U.S. military for years. And for years, they’ve managed to stay right where they are. Why? The Pentagon has no clue how to weed them out. Otherwise, they would have done it by now.

The only difference now is that the Democrats are making a push. They have the majority everywhere. They have a president who will listen to the left because he doesn’t know how to push back. They have a Secretary of Defense who is a minority and who will make the push against the white supremacists.

The only threat in the military, according to the Democrats in power, are those who are right-wing. They’re the ones who will rise up against the government. They’re the ones that will point out when the government has overstepped.

Left-wing extremists in the military will be allowed to remain. Why? They’re the ones who are helping Black Lives Matter to destroy cities. They’re the ones that are off to prove that systemic racism exists. They’re the ones fighting to defund law enforcement agencies. They’re the ones that will end democracy and create an opening for socialism.

How will the government fight extremism? They’ll use extremism themselves. The military will target only white members of the military. After all, you can only be an extremist and a threat to the government if you’re white, according to the new administration.

So, the Department of Defense will begin tracking allegations and disciplinary actions by race. Then, clearly, if someone who is non-white is being punished, any white person doing the punishing must be an extremist.

The cure for systemic racism isn’t to become more racist. If it’s not okay to tell the black community to become less black, it’s not okay to tell the white community to become less white.

Further, the way to weeding out extremism isn’t to focus on white members of the military. Extremists come in all colors and genders. And, even though the Dems don’t want to hear this, they come from all sides of the political spectrum, too.