Personal Info of Conservatives at Risk: Encouraging Liberals to Dox Conservatives

Conservatives going head to head with liberals now face another possible threat if they stick to their proverbial guns and anger a liberal: all their personal information could end up on the internet.

You might be familiar with the practice known as “doxing” where someone takes the information of someone they don’t care for and makes it public. This is particularly damaging if the person who was “doxed” is well known in some way or otherwise at risk.

It’s a nasty trick to try to intimidate those who someone wants to behave another way. It’s also something used to blackmail, in some cases. Let’s be honest, even if you’re a person of means, picking up and moving, changing your phone number, or even taking your kids to a new school can be a hassle at least and trauma at most.

But that’s just what conservatives are up against, and thanks to The Washington Post, it’s becoming more mainstream, some might even say encouraged.

In an article called “Unmasking the far right: An extremist paid a price when his identity was exposed online after a violent clash in Washington” WaPo talked about doxing the way conservatives talk about gun rights: we hope we don’t ever have to use them, but let’s be honest, we don’t want to take any chances. Only the aggressors in this situation weren’t people breaking into your home or threatening your family, they are conservatives on the “far-right” with who a progressive has a problem.

In the instance cited by the WaPo, a Washington State resident was “unmasked” by a certain local group that prefers to wear masks and all-black to protests, and his life was put into shambles.

The article says that the doxing was achieved thanks to Twitter users, keyboard cowboys/girls/its, if you will, who sifted public records and released the name, address, and phone number of a man who got in the face of a progressive activist who calls herself a “freelance journalist” with half her head shaved and her tolerances for American flags low.

The “journalist” took footage of the interaction where she was yelled at (and possibly touched? Though the report doesn’t say anyone touched her, just that she yelled at them to stop, and we all know how hysterical feminists can get) and uploaded it, sparking the doxing as well as the spreading of his info by some large anti-fascist activists.

This caused the man from the video, Edward Jeremy Dawson, to lose his job two days later as an ironworker. His employer even cited his actions that took place in Washington D.C. at the Million MAGA March in November of 2020. This incident may well have been the spark that ignited both Dawson and his wife to lose their primary sources of income, according to WaPo:

“His wife, Michelle, uploaded a tearful self-shot video to Twitter announcing his firing, and later that month she was asked to hand in her vest and badge at a Walmart in Battle Ground, Wash., where she worked as an online-order fulfiller,” the Post reported. “She thinks she was fired over her politics but acknowledges that she had missed a substantial amount of work because of back problems.”

The troubling part about this article is not that doxing is a new issue, because it’s not. It’s not a tale as old as time, but it’s something that those in the spotlight have been struggling with for some time.

The troubling issue is that a) the Post seems to be presenting it as a valid way to deal with the problems between the right and the left and b) the left has become increasingly violent, making doxing even more dangerous.

“Doxing is part of a growing effort by left-wing activists to expose far-right extremists and their violent behavior to their employers, family, and friends.”

Brightly colored heads of bat welding unemployed younger members of society that already know everything, except how to hold down a job, seem all too willing to do their part to make the world a better place by taking out everyone who they think isn’t benefiting the agenda they love.

In many cases, the left has people drawing unemployment or on disability and they literally have nothing better to do than harass conservatives, and now they’ve gotten the media’s stamp of approval. Way to go guys, I think your tolerance is acting up again.