Pettiness Defines National Media as They Bully Conservatives With Pointless Chides

The nasty media will stop at nothing to bully people that stand for conservative values. They will attack anyone that voices another opinion or option against the flow of socialistic thought. The latest bullying technique they tried to use was against patriot Josh Hawley. They hate the man so much for standing up for the election’s integrity that they are willing to say anything to damage his reputation.

The problem the media has is that they forget history. They have forgotten what others in history have done by way of body language and things they have said. Josh Hawley was part of the group that questioned Merrick Garland during his hearing on his nomination for the Attorney General position.

Garland is giving mixed messages that cause people to scratch their heads and ask even more questions. Garland stated that attacks on federal courthouses could not be classified as “domestic terrorism.” They cannot be called that if they happen at night because it does not disrupt the process of democracy.

It was at this moment that patriot Hawley starts to point at Garland. And this is where presidential historian Michael Beschloss would show his true colors. The historian was once thought of as an excellent presidential historian. But that was before he learned to hate one of the greatest presidents ever to sit in the White House.

Beschloss took a moment to try and bring down Josh Hawley because of his patriotic stance during the confirmation of the electoral college vote. He has tried to make Hawley out to be a villain. The action that Hawley took during the count is nothing new. The Democrats have tried the same tactic for years, but the media conveniently forgets that part of history.

Hawley took after Garland for his silly beliefs on domestic terror and seemed to point at him. And this is where Beschloss would state, “What U.S. Senator in history pointed menacingly at witnesses like this?” This is one man that should know the answer to that question.

In fact, there have been a large number of people that have pointed at other people during question-and-answer times. A finger being pointed at a person is not a menacing moment. It is a way that some people use their body language to stress a point.

Beschloss tried to make Hawley look like an aggressor. In a rant of posts, he likened Hawley to Jo McCarthy and a movie-made Senator Joe Cantwell. In both cases, the men pointed at the other person. This is a far cry from raising a fist or throwing down the glove demanding that the other person pick up the challenge.

Beschloss hates Republicans so much that he has amnesia of historical events. His hatred for Hawley has blinded him that everyone points. And it will continue to be that way until the earth is no longer inhabitable. He tried to make the young Senator out to be a villain because he pointed his index finger at Garland.

Beschloss has a historical answer to his question that he lobbied at Hawley. And that answer is just about every Democratic demon has pointed their finger to stress a point. And many of them would be closer to being a demonized politician than Hawley could ever be. Joe Biden loves to point at people when he speaks. And when he does, it is usually followed by ravenous words of hatred.

The point that Beschloss is trying to make is based on hatred for a man that took a stand for what he believed to be the right course of action based on what voters wanted. Hawley was doing the work of a Senator that care about people and not what was popular. There is not a person alive that can fault him for doing what he was elected to do.

The media and Beschloss will continue to use bullying tactics to try and discredit the heroes of Congress. But their lack of historical context will be their undoing. Hawley’s finger is not the first time it was pointed, and it will not be the last.