Pitiful: Congress Lost After Impeachment, What Now?

Everyone who works at the Capitol in Washington, DC, all say the same thing.  It feels like there was never an impeachment that took place.  The Democrats in Congress are like zombies trying to figure out what their next move is.

They went back to work, but they do not know where to begin because they are so far behind in our country’s main agendas.  It is almost like they forgot how to do their jobs, not that they did it anyway.  The smell of defeat has left them brain dead, not that they had many brains, to begin with.

President Trump and the GOP never missed a beat and remained on the path to making this country better and better by the day.  The Senate Republicans now call themselves Trump’s unshakeable allies.

The GOP is gearing up to this year’s elections to keep the Senate, get back control in the House of Representatives, and ultimately keeping Donald Trump as the President of the United States of America!

Everything the GOP and President Trump predicted about the impeachment has taken place.  Trump’s numbers in the polls are soaring, and the impeachment made him look better than ever.  Democrats are terrified of him now as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell declared, “We won, and they lost!”

House Democrats are working to revive their appeal to voters, health care agendas, money priorities, and other kitchen table agendas.  They spent way too much time working against the President and this country, they may never regain momentum after all the stunts they pulled.

The Democrats screwed themselves far worse than President Trump or any Republican ever could.  With the aftermath of the impeachment, reality set in with the Democrats, the Legislative Branch can bring the country only a certain distance.  The Executive Branch is the final say, and it seems to have more power than ever.

This November 2020, the government is the people as it was meant to be.  Voters will give the final verdict to the country and all of the branches.  Democrats despise this, and Congress went adrift in open waters lost at sea.

There is more uncertainty now than there has ever been in the agendas of the Legislative Branch of the government. The oversight role has been challenged to its core.

One Democrat Representative Hakeem Jeffries from New York said this, “Everything is at stake in November.  Vote as if your life depends on it.”  The thing is, we will vote that way because our lives do depend on it.  Trump 2020 all the way and GOP all the way!!!

Democrats have given the American people no reason whatsoever to support them or their agendas.  They are still trying to find something to pin on the President.  Why won’t they give it up?  They can’t find anything, and the harder they work, the worse they look.  This only makes those Americans who vote Democrat just as bad.

House and Senate Democrats looked up to their crybaby Minority Senate Leader Chuck Schumer to console them as he spewed out the dumbest speech ever.  He said, “What we are witnessing is a crisis in the rule of law in America.”  We can all say, yeah, the Democrats!

Schumer continued, “Republicans thought the president would learn his lesson. The lesson the president learned was that the Republican Party will not hold him accountable no matter how egregious his behavior.”

Many of the Republican Senators said nothing has changed with the President.  He is still on the path to “Keeping America Great Again!”  Some said they hoped he would learn from that experience.  I think we all learned how far the Democrats would go.

Others did not have time to play around with foolish questions.  Senator Lamar Alexander, a Republican from Tennesee, said, “The president is his own person, and I’m my own person, and you can judge whether you think he has.”  Senator Marco Rubio stated, “He seems the same as he did two weeks ago.”

Even the Democrat’s focus on gaining voters is off.  Representative Pramila Jayapal, a Democrat from Washington, had this to say, “We certainly still have an oversight role to play.  But what that looks like exactly is difficult to know.”

That’s just it!  They don’t know what they are doing anymore!  They are completely lost!  There was never a time in history we could possibly imagine how stupid the Democrats could make themselves look.  Now we know!  They are the walking dead, brainless zombies!