Planned Parenthood Loses in Texas as Judge Rules Against Them

After a judge, Texans are rejoicing that the murderous group known as Planned Parenthood could be removed from the Medicaid insurance program. This is a significant victory for a state that promotes life and protects the unborn. Planned Parenthood does not help families plan for kids. They promote the killing of babies so they can market the body parts to the highest bidder.

The murderous group sued state officials for trying to keep them from being on the Medicaid ticket. The problem is that what they wanted is illegal as the Hyde Amendment keeps them from receiving these benefits except under certain circumstances.

Planned Parenthood thinks that they should be exempt from the law because they believe they are special somehow. But the Travis County Civil District Judge, Lora Livingston, stated that Planned Parenthood “cite no authority for the proposition that a court injunction requires the (Texas Office of the Inspector General) to re-notice its termination.”

Livingston saw through the ridiculous lies of the Planned Parenthood thugs. She went on to mention that her decision was a tough one to make. But “In the light of the ongoing public health crisis, the risks of the individual losing health care and medical attention requires increased attention and scrutiny. The facts underlying the termination, in this case, give me great pause. However, (the groups) selected the federal courts as the forum to contest the merits of their claims… (which) must be determined by the federal courts.”

Her morality dictated that “As Texans grapple with the compounding crises of the pandemic and impacts of the deadly winter storm, thousands of people who rely on Medicaid will now face another obstacle built by Gov. Abbott: finding a new provider in a state which a provider shortage. It didn’t have to be this way for Texans.”

The fight between Planned Parenthood and Texas has been going on for years. In 2015, the state Health board stated that it would end the funding of murderous groups through Medicaid. This stopped the centers from getting money to fund their private collections of baby parts in their doctor’s basements.

The decision to ban funding came after David Daleiden made a video. He secretly posed as a fetal tissue buyer looking to buy baby body parts from Planned Parenthood. The video captured employees talking with him about which parts he was looking for.

Planned Parenthood objected, of course, because they were caught with their pants down and needed to cover up before they were exposed as a black-market provider of baby parts. Planned Parenthood sought to profit from the sale of body parts. They saw it as their right to sell what they killed.

It was at this time that the battle of the courts would begin. One judge would rule in favor of the murderers, while another would stop the ruling and order that Medicaid is withheld.

In a last-ditch effort to get all the money and baby parts they could, Planned Parenthood wanted “a six-month grace period to allow our patients to take care of urgent health needs during this crisis stage of this pandemic, and to allow us to help our patients attempt to find new providers willing to accept new patients insured through Medicaid.”

Their request was denied, and Planned Parenthood would have to walk the march of shame for all the babies they killed and sold to the highest bidder. The Democrats love these kinds of organizations because they murder life and embrace the mighty dollar.

Joe Biden and the rest of his demonic gang hate the fact that the Supreme Court is conservative by two votes. They have signaled that they have plans to pack that court so tight with liberals that any conservative influence would be extinguished forever.

The Democrats are afraid that conservative values and principles are going to keep them from destroying the foundations of American ideology. They want to control the courts, and they want to force the people into obedience. Once they can get that done, they will have the pathway to steal freedoms from people and the unborn’s right to life.