Popular American Singer Praises Looters and Her Fan’s Aren’t Having It

It’s a well-known fact how celebrities have a terrible habit of using their star-statuses as leverage for expressing their all too often opinionated and biased views. They are cautious to voice only those thoughts which will appeal most to their respective and adoring fans in hopes of boosting their own stature as a powerful civic-minded mega-star.

This is easily accomplished by falsifying their deep concerns over the latest political trend of the day, sometimes escalating their foolish words to extreme and laughable levels.

It’s hard to fathom how these celebrities know anything more about the political realm than any other average American citizen, but in their own miniature brains, they have been gifted with the untold wisdom of the ages and are now burdened with the tedious obligation of setting the general public straight by revealing nothing but the cold-hard-facts, according to them and their mind-boggling translations of the real truth.

Lana Del Ray, once know as Lizzie Grant, is a popular American singer in the world of pop culture. Del Ray, though never taking an award home, has been nominated for five Grammy Awards, one Golden Globe Award, one Billboard Music Award, and 40 other various types of music awards which have amassed her with a huge fan base who can never quite seem to get enough of her melodious and enticing music. Until now…

It would appear as though little Miss Liberal Lana misjudged the extent of her influence. Oops. It’s one thing to saturate the eardrums of teeny-bopper minded adults with sappy love gone wrong songs, but it’s quite another to attempt freestyle skating on the thin ice of stupidity and ignorance.

Del Ray strapped on her ill-fitting skates and took a plunge in the freezing water by filming and glorifying close up shots of looters in action, and none of her now ex-fans are tossing her a rope. Even the most star-struck fan can turn on their favorite American idol in an instant. Fans are creatures of habit.

Del Ray, for reasons known only to her, decided it would be cool if she released a video containing footage of looters caught in the act of breaking windows and wrestling large screen televisions. Surely her fans would eat this stuff right up. Snowflakes unite!!! Resist!!! Burn it down!!!

Uh… well… this isn’t quite the way the comments began pouring in, which immediately had Del Ray realizing how her fans, when it comes to politics and crisis situations, would much rather pay attention to the reality brought to them by their President, Donald J. Trump, than some anarchist anti-democracy video brought to them by a young punk singer with skid marks on her panties. One more time with feeling: Oops…

Del Ray is guilty of making the idiotic mistake of not knowing how the majority of her listeners politically identify and was quickly criticized on Instagram for glorifying violence. But instead of being a good little obedient socialist and apologizing for her inability to not be stupid, she instead decided to prove her inability by lighting the fuses of all of the wrong people.

In retaliation, Del Ray tried to justify what she had posted by foolishly pointing out how other artists get away with “songs about being sexy, wearing no clothes, f—ing, cheating, etc.” This was mistake number two for the half-crazed liberal of little knowledge.

All of the artists she chose to list by name, happen to be black. The glow-in-the-dark white-skinned Del Ray took a huge verbal beating for what was rightfully construed as a racial assault, as she kept shoving one of her fungi covered feet further down her stinky-breathed mouth.

With 16.5-million followers on Instagram viewing her one-minute up close and personal video of violent looters acting out in animalistic and barbaric ways, even her Twitter followers took to their keyboards to voice their displeasure and condemnation of Del Rays hip-hip-hooray insinuation of the looting criminal’s felonious acts of greed and hatred which strikes at the very core of American values.

One of her Twitter followers responded in all caps with, “I CAN’T BELIEVE SHE ZOOMED IN??? I HAVE NO WORDS.” Another wrote, “I’m sorry @Lans Del Ray But I’m through with you.” Yet others said they were going to destroy the vinyl records of her music they’ve collected.

This just goes to show, don’t ever judge a stars fans until you find out who’s hiding under their skin, and likewise, who gets under it. It’s probably safe to say that Del Rays advocating the wrong side of justice and the American way of life backfired.

Her self-crippled career in the world of music is not the only thing burning down. Them’s the breaks, kiddo. In case there ever is a next time for this spoiled anarchist brat, which remains in question, we sure hope she learned a valuable lesson. But snowflakes seldom do. They live to be stupid again.