Postmaster General Will Hit Pause on the Many Operational Changes After Dems Cry Foul

This is proof that people find the worst in every situation. Rather than simply accepting the truth, people would rather believe a conspiracy theory. The Postmaster General, Louis DeJoy, has been implementing a number of operational changes for months as a way to deal with some of the funding problems – problems that have been going on for over a decade.

Some of these changes include getting rid of post office boxes around the U.S. that are no longer in use. However, when people see dozens of postal boxes piled up in the dump, they panic and think that it’s a scheme to commit voter fraud. Sometimes, it has nothing to do with Trump, believe it or not.

Since the Dems are in a complete uproar about what’s happening with the USPS, DeJoy has said that he’ll pause the organizational changes until after the elections. He issued a statement to identify: “I came to the Postal Service to make changes to secure the success of this organization and its long-term sustainability. I believe significant reforms are essential to that objective and work toward those reforms will commence after the election.”

The Dems plan on using mail-in ballots as a predominant form of voting. They believe that it’s impossible to have mail-in voting be successful while DeJoy makes some of these reforms. Somehow, if there aren’t giant mailboxes on street corners, it’s a conspiracy of making it easier for people to vote for Trump.

How does any of this make sense? You would have to be a far-left Dem to figure it out.

Even if mail-in voting does become a major part of the General Elections, people have COUNTLESS ways of sending in their ballots. They can use the mailbox in front of their house. They can drive it to a post office. They can drop it off at literally any government building.

Calm down. Mail-in ballots would have been possible with or without the initiatives taking place. However, the out and out panic and bullying of the Dems has led to the Postmaster General putting all of the initiatives on hiatus until after the election. This means that he’ll be months behind his goals and will be losing even more money. But, hey, as long as the Dems are happy, let’s keep moving forward.

He also said that he will be expanding the current leadership task force to focus on election mail as a way to “help ensure that election officials and voters are well informed and fully supported by the Postal Service.”

There. That should take care of everything. After all, if there’s going to be half the country sending in their ballots, they need to reach the Election Offices in time to be opened and counted toward the polls for the General Election. That was another thing the Dems were in a panic about.

Was there anything actually wrong with the mail system? No. It’s a way for the Dems to cry that the votes weren’t fair when Trump wins the election. They can’t fathom that it will be as a result of no one actually wanting to vote Biden into the presidency only for Kamala Harris to take over the presidency once Biden is deemed unfit to be president any longer. No one wants that. No one wants the Democratic hypocrisy. They’ve moved far away from capitalism. The reality is that the Dems are in a losing battle, and they want the USPS to take the fall instead of their poor leadership skills.

Even after DeJoy has announced the halt to changes, the Dems aren’t happy. They’re about to lose their scapegoat. So, rather than the Dems simply saying, ‘thank you’ and moving on, they’ll be bringing the Postmaster General into the House Committee on Oversight and Reform next week for detailed questioning.