Prepare Yourself: Ted Cruz is Getting Ready to Release a Book

Christopher Halloran/

Why is it that all the wrong people get book deals? No one has ever wanted to read about how Andrew Cuomo brags about himself as the leader everyone in New York needed for over 300 pages.

Now, finally, it looks like there will be a book worth publishing – and a book worth buying. But it’s not out on shelves quite yet.

Ted Cruz, the outspoken GOP Senator from Texas, has snagged himself a book deal. And we expect only the best from cover to cover, especially with a title like “Justice Corrupted: How the Left Has Weaponized Our Legal System.”

Regnery Publishing has announced that they will be publishing the book – and it is set to release in mid-September.

This is a topic that needed to be covered. And with Cruz’s law background, he’s the perfect person to write about what the left is doing – and why we should all be worried about it.

The book’s press release says it all: “Wielding the law as a weapon, arrogant judges and lawless prosecutors are intimidating, silencing, and even imprisoning Americans who stand in the way of their radical agenda.”

We have seen proof that the left has been weaponizing the legal system for quite some time. And watching how the left has gone after any and all who were involved in the January 6 riot is proof of that.

Consider this. As Americans, we have the right to question what the government does. If we see something that does not promote the democracy that we are in, we have the right to act.

We have a duty to oppose tyranny – and that’s what many thought they were doing on January 6.

After all, how is it possible that the Democrats said that they didn’t want “an old white guy” in office and got exactly that? All throughout the presidential primaries, we heard about how they wanted diversity. They wanted someone who was liberal and who wasn’t an old white guy.

Yet, when it all came down to the general election, Joe Biden – the oldest, whitest guy up for election – was the winner. That’s enough to make anyone scratch their head and question the integrity of the elections.

But that’s not all that the left has done. They have even gone as far as identifying parents as “enemies” because of wanting to stand up against the liberal curriculum showing up in the classrooms.

Ted Cruz, who is a graduate of Harvard Law School, has been able to grill a number of individuals in the Senate. He is capable of asking the hard questions and demanding justice from everyone inside of a courtroom.

As Regnery Publishing explains, Cruz takes people on a tour of the justice system to show how the left has used its power to “strangle liberty, crush opposition, and wreck lives.”

There hasn’t been a topic that hasn’t been covered by Cruz since taking office in the Senate back in 2013. He has focused on such topics as abortion, immigration, and international politics – and he takes a staunch approach to all of them.

It’s hard not to notice what the Democrats have been doing recently. They twist and turn the facts so that it suits them. And often, the ruling that is rendered leaves us all questioning what justice is supposed to look like. A great example of this is when the Department of Justice has started to investigate parents as domestic terrorists simply because they “dare” to question school board members.

Cruz made the comment to Merrick Garland, “Law is passed on facts. It is impartial. It is not used as a tool of political retribution.”

Yeah, this book is just what we need to get our hands on to learn the full extent of what’s going on. And oh, look! It will be hitting shelves before the midterm elections. Coincidence? I think not.