President Trump Saved America With Energy Independence

President Trump is the first president in many years to ever deliver on his campaign promises. He was able to do so by not being bought out by big money and liberal compromise.

But he was able to do so by living up to his word to serve and protect the people. His enemies within the Democratic Party were enraged by his successes, and they determined to see him fail. But as time moved on, it became clear that America would be great again.

Energy independence was at the top of President Trump’s list for the country. The dominance that other nations had over the United States because of the bad deals that past Democrats had made were coming to an end. They would no longer be able to pressure Americans by cutting off their oil supply like in past times.

This major success of the president never reported on by CNN or any other major network. The concept of a strong nation is foreign to the polluted minds that seek to tear down the nation. President Trump has taken the country to a new level, and that has frightened the Democratic children.

The United States no longer needs to rely on other nations to keep moving forward. No longer would the country have to fund the selfish pockets of murderous oil-producing dictators. President Trump has removed that burden by setting America free.

President Trump had to remove the red tape that Obama had wrapped the energy industry in before oil production could ramp up in America. One by one, the tankers from the east stopped showing up at the terminals as more oil American oil was pulled out of the ground.

The nations of the east tried to bully America into stopping production, but that failed. Record output of oil has strengthened American reserves, so no more foreign oil is needed to run the country.

In a twisted way, the Democrats see this independence as being unfair to the rest of the world. They would instead please their foreign masters than back the United States. Their warped minds see the country as an enemy that they must fight within.

But President Trump fought through their evil and saw a reality take place that has not been seen in four decades. America has turned into an oil exporter. People are making money by selling it to other nations. Under President Trump, there is no need to bow to the eastern countries just so their oil can be imported.

The red tape that the president removed allowed for the energy industry to thrive and develop new and safer ways of getting at hard-to-reach oil sources.

As one reporter named Onar Am would write, “America’s newfound status as energy independent is a double whammy.First, it gives greater freedom and security to the American people. It is fueling an economic boom at home and reducing the need for protecting oil trade routes in the Middle East. Second, the same powers that before had a grip on America now find themselves in the opposite position: They must pander to the U.S.”

The respect that other nations must give to America just drives the liberals crazy. In fact, Joe Biden is being pressured to destroy the oil and gas industry because people feel that America does not deserve to be great and independent. The psycho liberals want to ban fracking and stop deepwater drilling from happening. But they are willing to let foreign countries drill off American shores.

Conservatives everywhere give credit where it is due, and the president certainly deserves to be recognized for his many successes. Biden will get the honor of destroying energy as the world knows it to be this day. He will be known in history as the one president that took a country to its knees because he hates his own.

America is great today because of the selfless actions of a president that actually did his job. He set aside his wealth and made sure that every American was looked after. He has secured the border and put America on a path to greatness.