Princeton Ends Requirement in an Effort to Fight Systemic Racism

Schools seem to bend over backward to prove that they are “woke” and that they are listening to the demands of the ultra-liberals. At some point, however, the decisions stop making sense.

Princeton University has decided to make a few adjustments to their Classic’s Department to show that they are addressing systemic racism. As a result, they’re getting rid of the requirements for students to show that they have a proficiency in either Latin or Ancient Greek.

Wait, what?

How in the world does getting rid of language proficiency from the “classics track” helps to fix systemic racism?

“The Classics” help students to understand the fundamental classics of literature and philosophy. Most of these “classics” are much older than the United States. Yet, Josh Billings, a Classics professor and director for undergraduate studies at Princeton has said that making the change will allow for new perspectives.

There’s concern that students who attend Princeton may not have had the chance to study classics in high school. They may not have had any kind of previous exposure to Latin or Greek classics.

In the past, it would have been a learning experience. The students who have not been exposed to such classics would now have the opportunity to do so. After all, attending an Ivy League college would lead to certain expectations – such as exposing oneself to the classics before entering Princeton.

Instead, they’re going to cater to those who may not have had a vibrant and diverse education. Billings has said that since some students won’t have been exposed to the classics, “we think that having those students in the department will make it a more vibrant intellectual community.”

How that’s going to be an intellectual community when they’re not required to prove proficiency in one of the languages will be interesting. Will they even understand the context of the texts?

This isn’t about systemic racism. It’s about changing the courses and the curriculum to ensure that everyone can adapt. The reality is that some courses and some majors require people to push themselves.

Students in poor communities may not have dissected a frog before entering college, but they’ll still be required to attend an anatomy class and dissect various things if they plan on entering medical school.

Some requirements shouldn’t change. It doesn’t offer the full learning experience. Instead, it dumbs down the curriculum to account for those who didn’t have the best education in high school.

We have stopped expecting students to have to apply themselves. We’ve given them a free pass to say, “I’m a minority” or “I attended a low-income school.” We’re not telling them that they have to spend the summer before their freshman year studying some of the areas where their education is lacking.

We’re changing the rules to cater to the idea that the country is systemically racist.

However, the country isn’t systemically racist when there are black people in all walks of life saying that they don’t believe in systemic racism.

That’s not going to stop Princeton and other schools from making changes.

Princeton University has decided to cater to the ultra-liberals with a few more changes to their curriculum. There will be new tracks in the Politics Department that focus on “race and identity.” In the Religion Department, there will also be courses that focus on “traditions” and “themes.”

All of this is because Princeton University suffered from a federal investigation that the school was engaged in racism. The investigation was dropped because the school showed that they had plenty of diversity measures. However, the school’s president, Christopher Eisgruber, has decided that he needs to give new urgency to the curriculum.

The alumni magazine published many of the changes being made in an effort to “address systemic racism” as well as to focus on “the events around race that occurred last summer.”

It’s only a matter of time before other schools decide to follow suit. We’ll make it easier for people to claim “racism” when the reality is that they’re simply too lazy to apply themselves and make the most out of the educational possibilities at a university.