Prisoners Get to Choose Their Identity in California Inviting Trouble

California’s sadistic governor Gavin Newsom continues to defy all reason and rationality by the unimaginable laws that he continues to sign. Many of the bills that his pondering legislature comes up with makes no sense at all. At one point, their socialism came out so much that the liberal California High Court stated that they could not keep President Trump off the ballot if he did not release the tax returns.

The liberals destroying the state cheered when their god Obama said men could use the women’s restroom. They all cried when President Trump reversed the nonsense and put things back in proper order. But that was not good enough for Gavin Newsom.

Newsom decided to move the sinful practice of transgender living into the prison system. The new law that he signed mandates that the state allows transgender inmates to be cellmates. This law has set up a new version of violence within the prison system as men will choose to live in a women’s prison.

This gives prisoners a choice to live in a women’s prison and a choice to rape anyone of them that they want too. Newsom never thinks through his options and the people that those laws will affect in the long run.

Many weaker men will choose to live in the women’s prison because it is the one place that they can overpower their competition. Newsom is working overtime to turn California into a socialist state with a third world prison system.

Newsom does not listen to the officials that are charged with maintaining and running the prison system. The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation has fired back and told Newsom that he is setting up a dangerous situation by signing the law.

The Department of Corrections already has the policy that transgender inmates must be housed in a separate cell block for their safety. The cell assignment is based on their biological sex and not on their choice or preference.

On the other side of the issue are women that want to live in a man’s prison. They will be taken advantage of and abused once it is known that they are really women. But just like the homeless, Newsom is neglecting those that need help to acclimate back to society. He wants to imagine that his problems as governor do not exist. That way, he can blame his failures on someone else.

Each inmate will be interviewed privately to determine what their sexual choice is about. This interview is done in private and before they are assigned a prison to live in. Once their orientation has been determined, they can then request specific housing arrangements. Newsom is setting up his own version of the dysfunctional family.

The new law makes a person’s request legal to live in the other gender’s prison. All they have to do is identify as one of them, and off they go. Newsom has given no thought as to the problems he just created for prison enforcement men and women. It will not take much for a man to rape a woman in their cells.

The prison’s response and authority are being stripped away one at a time. The law says that a “management or security concern” can force a denial, but the prisoner somehow has the right to appeal the decision. The main reason for a person’s appeal has to be based on their health or safety.

The law also forces people to address the other person by their pronoun that they choose. This is taking away the rights of the person that should not have to bow to the insane wishes of the transgender person. The Democrats are forcing the majority to obey the wishes of the minority.

President Trump had to fix everything that Obama destroyed after he left office. The next four years will be spent reinforcing his changes, so the next president cannot undo the fixes that he has put into place. The Republicans are all about safety and doing what is right, while the Democrats look to destroy freedoms and security for the majority of people.