Project Veritas: Exposing How Google Is Manipulating the Election

Project Veritas is back at it again, with yet another explosive video that is sure to make the rounds. A Google technical account manager is seen, telling the world that the election is being toyed with openly. According to him, Google is “playing God” and he doesn’t seem too concerned as to whether anyone conceals his identity.

If this man is this comfortable saying this out in the open, who knows what lurks in the shadows? Adriano Amaduzzi is a Google technical account manager who had lots to say about the so-called legitimacy of the upcoming election.

Phrases like “censor out news from your search engine” and” actually stopping right-wing parties from advertising” were said with reckless abandon.

“You can offer free credits, free advertising credits, to Democratic parties for advertising,” he said. It’s chilling to watch it in action but not that surprising when it comes down to it.

We always knew that this was the natural order of things. It’s just somewhat startling to watch it play out in real-time.

Google’s Trust and Safety staffers were also implicated. Adriano says that they may even step in to try and alter the election if it is not playing out to their liking. “Yeah, by stopping Presi–, or actually stopping right-wing parties from advertising,” he elaborates. James O’Keefe of Project Veritas also weighed in on the matter. He believes that the statements are indicative of a larger pattern.

“Recently we’ve seen censorship of free thought and stories from the Big Tech giants. Many believe this kind of editorial suppression will affect the upcoming election,” says O’Keefe. “But it seems the biggest tech giant of them all– Google- may have other ways to impact the election–this time coming from their ad sales division overseas.”

It’s hard to mount much of an argument against these statements. The evidence is mounting. The great silencing initiative is reaching its crescendo. Amaduzzi is involved in these sorts of operations all over the world. The amount of meddling that is unfolding in plain sight should be more alarming to the mainstream media. As always, they don’t mind it as long as their side benefits.

“Funny enough about Brexit, I had a guy, linked to, me, for no reason –, I don’t know why contacted me from LinkedIn and say: ‘Hi I’m head of digital infrastructure of the Conservative Party of the United Kingdom, we would like to do advertising with Google, could you help me with that?’ I was like—I didn’t answer,” says Amaduzzi.

James O’Keefe is trying his best to spread the word. “BREAKING: @Google Ad Exec on possible 2020 Election Interference “Trust & Safety is extremely left” “STOPPING right-wing parties from advertising…or REDUCING exposure” “Offer FREE advertising credits to Democratic Parties” “CENSOR out news from your search” reads his important missive to his Twitter followers.

If Google affiliates can make these statements without fear of reprisal, where do things go from here? This is why every able-bodied American who truly cares about the future of democracy needs to make their way to the polls as soon as possible. Once the extreme left gets this comfortable flouting society’s conventions, there is no telling what will happen next.

Project Veritas is one of the precious few news sources that still remains in this nightmarish dystopia that we find ourselves in. It often feels as if the fake news media has taken over entirely. No conservative can get a fair shake and we’re now at the point where people are willing to look the other way on outright cheating.

The Rubicon has been crossed, so to speak. Google is declaring open season on free speech and more people need to be appalled about this. If only there were fair and unbiased media conglomerates who were willing to provide the news……without spin. It’s hard to envision but we can still imagine it, though. Oh, what a world that would be!