PROOF: Joe’s a Liar…He Did Meet with Hunter’s Ukrainian Partners

Joe Biden would love nothing more than to come across as a sweet old man who just happens to be running for president. Between his mumbling and his forgetfulness, he’s not doing a good job of proving that he’s mentally fit. Now, without a shadow of a doubt, we can add liar to the list of reasons why Biden shouldn’t be president.

When asked on many occasions if he knew about his son Hunter’s business dealings with Ukrainian business partners, he would say, “No.” He was asked in a variety of different ways by countless individuals, too. This way, there was no way for Biden to say that he didn’t understand the question.

He understood the question just fine. He just didn’t want to share the truth. He lied. Each and every time he was asked the question, he lied.

When Joe Biden is so quick to say that he is never spoken to his son about overseas business deals, it was an outright lie – and a “smoking gun email” procured by the New York Post proves that it’s alive.

In an email dated April 17, 2015, Joe Biden, still holding the position of VP, met with Vadym Pozharskyi, one of the advisors to the board of Burisma – the same Burisma that Hunter Biden sat on the Board of Directors for – and earned a pretty penny to do so.

Burisma was earning a reported $50,000 a month to sit on the board. The questionable Ukrainian energy company has been involved in some shady deals, and Hunter Biden was a part of those deals. Now, Hunter doesn’t speak any of the languages spoken in Ukraine nor does he have any experience in the energy sector. Yet, he got the job anyway – so it’s good to have a dad who is the vice president of the United States.

It’s important to understand the importance of the date and everything else. A prosecutor was looking into Burisma approximately eight months after this meeting took place. When the prosecutor began looking into everything, Joe Biden threatened to withhold US aid from Ukraine unless they fired the prosecutor. The prosecutor was fired, and less than three years later, Joe Biden decided that it would be a good idea to brag to the Council on Foreign Relations on how that prosecutor was fired.

Just like that, the investigation into Burisma was shut down, which also meant that his son was going to be protected from any legal fallout that would have occurred.

The email that the New York Post uncovered was from Vadym Pozharskyi, thanking Hunter for inviting him to DC and providing an opportunity to meet his father.

Why would Pozharskyi thank Hunter for a meeting that never occurred? Of course, the Burisma advisors would want to meet with Joe Biden. He was one of importance. They were simply paying his son an obscene amount of money for daddy’s connections.

Joe Biden not only talked with his son about overseas business dealings but met with his son’s bosses, too. He knew all about the shady deals, which is why he was willing to withhold US aid to get the prosecutor fired. Let’s be clear. The former VP and current presidential candidate used money belonging to the United States as a negotiating piece to get a prosecutor fired so that he could protect his son. And then he lied. And he lied some more.

This is the presidential candidate for the Democratic Party. Someone who will use his position with the country as a way to help his son make shady deals – and to protect his son no matter the costs.

And, when Trump realized what Biden had done, he pointed it out – and that’s when the Democratic Party banned together to try to impeach him.

The Dems don’t have a moral compass, and it’s all the more reason why we can’t allow a liar like Biden to become president.