Protesters Demand Lynching of Exonerated Officers

Gary Herbert is the Republican Governor of Utah. He had to declare a state of emergency because of violent protesters that started to demand the lynching of two police officers that ended up being cleared of any and all wrongdoings that resulted in the death of a man that was armed and threatening the police. The angry mob was not content to let justice prevail. They formed their own lynching squad and demanded justice be done.

The civil unrest marched to the District Attorney’s office and started to attack the building. The man that was killed was a threat to the police officers and they had to defend themselves. This mob forgot that the officers have families that they would like to return home to as well. This Democratic paid mob busted out windows and spray-painted parts of the building in protest. The violence has spread from the police to all law enforcement agencies that operate at every level. As a result of the damages, the event was deemed an unlawful assembly.

But as Police Chief Mike Brown stated “It was my sincere hope that the protest tonight would remain peaceful as it has night after night. Sadly, as they began to break windows at @SLCountyDA office, we declared it an unlawful assembly. We are willing to allow some vandalism but then they returned and started to breach windows. We just cannot allow that to happen.”

This mob acted like the police should have let the man shoot and kill people without intervening. If one of them had been affected by the shooter, they would have been demanding justice and police intervention. The pathetic protesters cry about police brutality as they brutally attack and destroy private and public property. The mob had been protesting peacefully hoping for a guilty verdict. But when the verdict came back that they were innocent all the peace went out the window. People thought that they could take out their pitchforks and march in and spear the men to death.

The DA’s office is closed for the time being until the emergency declaration expires. The mob did so much damage and threatened so many people that it was time to end the demonstrations. The police had to be called in with riot gear to disperse the creepy crowd. These mobs act like they are all demon-possessed. All reason and rationale seem to have flown out of their heads. They think with their feelings instead of seeing the truth behind the facts of each situation. It took 75 officers to break up the crowd. Even then some of those police officers were sprayed with pepper spray by the people.

Once the crowd was gone the area was called a crime scene. There are going to be people that will end up in prison because of their unlawful assembly and attacks on the men and women of the police force. There is no reason to harm the public servants doing their job. They are held accountable for their actions and it is not up to the general public to discipline them for what they are called to do.

The man that was shot committed an armed robbery. And there is not one person crying out about the threat to life from this man to the people he robbed with a weapon. They are all acting like he is an innocent victim. The man ran from police while holding a weapon. They could not just let him go. There is no telling what other people he might injure or kill.

The man that was killed had dropped a gun that he kept trying to pick up and point at the police. It was then that deadly force was necessary. DA Sim Gill stated that “The desire to retrieve the gun was greater than the desire to run away. If he had left it, the officers said the imminence of that threat would have been abated for them and they would not have used that force.” Had the police not acted the way they did in this situation there would have been two dead cops instead of a dead criminal.