Proud Boys Leader Burns BLM Flag Ahead of DC Trump Rally Gets in Big Trouble

Washington D.C. has once again become a hive of activity as Americans who believe that the electoral system has been corrupted and freedom is at risk gather en mass. Jan. 6 marks the day Congress hears arguments on electoral votes, but one prominent activist is missing: Proud Boys chairman Enrique Tarrio who was arrested on Monday in D.C. shortly after landing.

The activist leader rose to prominence when his group was associated with President Donald Trump and accused of being a white supremacist group. Tarrio, who is quite clearly a person of color, spoke out, saying that the group is in no way shape, or form a white nationalist group, but rather, just nationalist, looking to maintain the country’s freedoms.

Leftists and the media, however, have been irate at the “brown man” who has been siding with the “orange man” and had it out for Tarrio since he began to speak in support of the president, and according to USA Today, he was eventually arrested on an issue he is accused of being part of months ago after protesting the November 2020 election.

The publication had a unique view of Tarrio’s arrest because, according to their report, they were conducting an interview with him when he was arrested:

Tarrio, 36, was on a phone call with a USA TODAY reporter when the call was interrupted by loud sirens. He joked that “They’re for me,” and then, sounding confused, asked the driver of the car he was riding in to pull over. Tarrio told the reporter, “Here’s something to write about,” before hanging up the call.

In a statement, the Metropolitan Police Department said Tarrio was arrested and charged with destruction of property in connection with an incident last month where Tarrio set fire to a Black Lives Matter banner after a Trump rally. The banner had been taken from a historic Black church.

USA Today reported that the activist was also illegally in possession of  “two high-capacity firearm magazines and was additionally charged with ‘Possession of High Capacity Feeding Device.’” It is believed that Tarrio is a convicted felon, and thus restricted as to what kinds of weapons he can be in possession of.

While even the most aggressive of gun activists believe in the revocation of gun rights for felons, it seems worth pointing out that if a person of color, under almost any other circumstances, turned their life around from being a convicted felon to being a nationally known icon and leader of people, called on by the President of the United States, he would be lauded as a conquering hero. His adversities would be held up as evidence of racism and he would have a Goalcast video made of his life journey. But since he supports Trump, and since he is the chief of staff for Latinos for Trump, Tarrio is blasted for his history and arrested upon traveling to the nation’s capital to demonstrate for his rights.

Tarrio went to defend the same rights that civil rights activists marched to give all Americans: the right to have a vote that counts, and be treated as everyone’s equal. Tarrio isn’t treated that way, however. He’s considered a traitor because he isn’t doing what he’s told and keeping his contrary opinions t himself. If racism is truly the driving force behind the Proud Boys, they’re truly terrible at it to have put an outspoken Latino in charge.

Or maybe, they’re not racist at all, they’re just anti-Democrats, and the go-to slur didn’t happen to stick, so the left is having to come up with other ways of making them look bad. Maybe discriminate prosecution actually is a problem, but it’s not against people of color as much as it is people who disagree with the leadership at the time.