Psaki’s Ridiculous Over Compensation for Biden’s Failing Health Has Conservatives Wondering What New Atrocity She’s Hiding

To say that White House press secretary Jen Paski was a letdown to conservatives after Kayleigh McEnany would be a massive understatement. Even if we brush right past how easy on the eyes McEnany was compared to Paski, there’s also the little likeability issue.

And to be fair, in terms of likeability, politics isn’t the only issue with Psaki. The Biden spokesperson gives off the kind of elitist vibes that everybody has gotten from somebody at one time, and it made them feel very insignificant, even if they knew it was wrong. But even that is just a feeling, and not one that could be grounds to lose a job.

The real issue with the White House’s chief communications officer is that we’re pretty sure she’s communicating lies. Not only has she “circled back” and contradicted the Commander-in-Chief (which, honestly, we’re not sure who was wrong, it was just weird) but her constant circumvention of hard questions and pushback against those she just plain doesn’t want to answer plus a regular stream of miss-information has left conservatives in particular with a bad taste in their mouth.

That’s why there is a ring of distrust in the hearts of many when they hear that Psaki is vouching for President Joe Biden’s health. In fact, she’s so vigorously endorsing it, she says that sometimes it’s hard for her to keep up (and yes, I’m letting a perfectly good “tangled web” opportunity go right by, feel free to use it yourself).

During a recent press conference, Psaki was quick to vaguely but authoritatively answer a question about President Joe Biden’s “private exercise regime” saying when she was asked if the president continued to use his stationary bike that she didn’t have any information for the press on what he was or wasn’t doing, but that he’s absolutely doing well according to Fox News.

The snarky communications officer did, however, have words about Biden’s physical health that were both vague, uninspiring, and entirely unquantifiable when she said that she finds him to be very high energy:

“I can tell you, having traveled with him a fair amount, sometimes he’s hard to keep up with,” Psaki said.

This is not the first time that the president’s physical health has been called into question. The almost-octogenarian found doubt and mistrust among some Americans, especially since physical fitness became such a huge issue among the left when former President Donald Trump was in office.

In March of 2021, the White House press corps was again highly inquisitive when Biden fell (repeatedly, almost in slow motion) while ascending the steps of Air Force One.  This fall was not one that seemed out of place for someone who is 78-years-old. But since we’re supposed to forget that Biden is almost as old as a middle-aged person’s grandparent (and twice as forgetful) it was quickly brushed under the rug and his 78-year-old bones were so spry he apparently didn’t even need medical attention:

“I know folks have seen that President Biden slipped on his way up the stairs to AF1, but I’m happy to report that he is just fine and did not even require any attention from the medical team who travels with him,” White House communications director Kate Bedingfield said at the time. “Nothing more than a misstep on the stairs.”

However, another White House spokesperson seemed to contradict that statement, saying that it was actually the wind that got to Biden while he was climbing the steps to Air Force One.

So, to recap: Biden is in perfect health, mentally and physically, the wind is to blame for whatever issues you might think you have seen, the 2020 election was totally legit and the White House press secretary might need better vitamins.