Putin Has Cancer…But That Doesn’t Explain Everything

Asatur Yesayants/shutterstock.com

We’ve long suspected that something is going on with Russian president Vladimir Putin. Sources close to him have even questioned his sanity. After all, why would he simply attack Ukraine, even with the possibility that he might not win?

Now, as the war has waged on for months longer than anyone would have expected, we learn something about Putin. He has been diagnosed with cancer.

Many media outlets offer that as an explanation for everything. But does a cancer diagnosis really explain the Russian president’s erratic behavior? Absolutely not.

Here’s what we do know.

A report from Russia has said that not only does Putin have cancer but that he’s going to be undergoing surgery. Just as with any head of state, leadership will be temporarily handed off.

Ex-FSB chief Nikolai Patrushev will be the one who receives the power while Putin is out for surgery. He has the nickname of “hardliner.” Many also believe that he’s the one who convinced Putin that the military in Ukraine is being run by Nazis.

A Telegram Channel called General SVR had a narrator that explained “Putin is unlikely to agree to hand over power for a longer period of time.” It is anticipated that Patrushev will only be in power for two or three days.

There are things that we still don’t know, though. We don’t know what type of cancer Putin has. We don’t know just how serious it is. Obviously, any surgery will come with risks. And if the cancer weren’t serious, Putin would likely put off the surgery until after the war with Ukraine is over.

Handing power over to someone else is likely the last thing that Putin wanted to do – but it’s necessary for his health.

We can speculate about all that could go wrong – and how Russia may suddenly be in the hands of someone who is possibly even scarier than Putin. There’s no telling what could happen under someone else’s leadership.

This is one of those instances where it’s better to deal with the enemy that we know than with the enemy that we don’t know.

According to the Telegram Channel, if we can believe anything that is being said, Putin suffers from bowel cancer. Further, “the president promised that if his health takes a turn for the worse, actual control of the country will temporarily pass into Patrushev’s hands.”

We’re in a bit of a conundrum. Are we to believe this mysterious narrator from The Telegram Channel? And if so, what do we really know about Patrushev and how he would handle the Ukraine conflict moving forward? Things are so bad, is it possible that he could make it worse?

We’re in a holding pattern since the Russian government continues to deny that Putin has any medical problems. We are to believe that everything is good with him. That sounds familiar. It’s like us trying to say that there’s nothing wrong with Biden – when there’s obviously a lot wrong.

This is the first time that we’re seeing an obvious weakness from Russia. What can be done about it is still up in the air. We have to see if Putin bounces back and if the whole conflict can finally be put to rest.

As the military says, stand by to stand by. We’ll report more when we know.