Putin Putting On the Ritz As He Keeps Dropping Positive Narrative of a Coming Victory in Ukraine, but All Is Not Well

Frederic Legrand - COMEO/shutterstock.com

The Russian president is making unfounded claims and far from the truth. He has tried to pass off the narrative that the Ukrainian people were developing chemical weapons against the invaders. He tried to use that cover story to justify his military using the deadly toxins. But of all the lies he is telling the world, the biggest is the story he is feeding his soldiers. And that is that they are winning the war and making a massive difference for Mother Russia.

The Russian people at large do not support Vladimir Putin’s war. The dictator president has arrested thousands of people for protesting the war to make it look like people support him. He wants his soldiers to believe that everyone back home supports the war effort, but the truth is that the people do not support them.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s message is closer to the truth than any other story being told. He gave the message that the Russian military does not stand a chance at beating the forces of the Ukrainian people. The financial strain and the constant pushback from the people are just enough to bog down the Russian advance.

Zelenskyy stated that “Do not believe your commanders when they tell you that you still have a chance in Ukraine. Nothing is waiting for you here. Except for captivity, except for death. You take our lives and give yours. And we know — we have communications interception — that your commanders already understand everything.”

Businessinsider found out that the New York Times ran a story that stated Russian soldiers were not aware that they were being deployed for war. Many of the soldiers were told one story and another to keep them from knowing about the invasion.

One captured soldier mentioned that he only found out about the invasion moments before it began. Most soldiers would realize their crimes after they moved across the border into Ukrainian territory. These people were told one thing by their commanders and found out the truth the hard way only after they were on the move, and by then, there was nothing they could do about it.

The Ukrainian ambassador to the United Nations came across an account where a Russian soldier texted his mother and told her about the lie. The post stated, “We are bombing all of the cities together, even targeting civilians. We were told that they would welcome us, and they are falling under our armored vehicles, throwing themselves under the wheels and not allowing us to pass.”

The Russian commanders told their military that the Ukrainian people wanted them to come in and occupy their land. But they found a bunch of angry Ukrainians demanding that the Russians turn around and go home. And when the tanks would not turn around, the people began standing in the way. The tank operators kept right on advancing into enemy territory.

The Ukrainian president has warned the Russian military multiple times that they are being lied to by their commanders. He wants the soldiers to throw down their arms and go home. It is time to stick it to Putin for lying to the people.

The narrative that Putin is feeding his country is full of wicked propaganda. Undoubtedly, the stories he is telling make the Ukrainian people look like murderous thugs and terrorists. But when the videos surface and the world watch the truth in horror, it is not Ukraine committing violent crimes. It is Russia that is targeting innocent people.

The Democratic Party fits in very well at this point. They love to tell their voters what they want to hear. But when the votes are finally cast, the Democrats go off and do their things, having lied to their forgotten and lied to a voter base.