Putin Sends Nukes to Border as NATO Processes New Applications

Asatur Yesayants/shutterstock.com

Vladimir Putin is ticked off that his threats are not being taken seriously. The crazy Russian views any defiance to his authority as an act of war. His latest threat was that he would use nuclear weapons should Finland and Sweden apply for membership in the North American Atlantic Treaty Organization. He sees their membership as a threat to Russian power, and he will not tolerate the threat.

Finland and Sweden have ignored the threats and took the first steps to announce their application to NATO. RedState found that the Daily Mail reported that “Sweden has said it will join Finland in bidding for membership of NATO after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine prompted a ‘historic’ shift away from decades of neutrality.

Magdalena Andersson, the Swedish prime minister, announced the move on Monday – just a day after Finnish counterpart Sanna Marin tabled her own bid. Finland and Sweden have been bound to codes of neutrality since at least the Second World War, in return for security guarantees from Moscow that it will not attack them.”

Putin viewed their decision as a threat to Russia. The Russian president needs a divided world to continue his slow takeover of the world. Ukraine was just the first step of many that Putin has planned to place Russia at the top of the world’s stage. He wants to turn America upside down and divide Europe so the west will not be able to interfere with his war plans.

NATO was set up after the second world war to keep nations from attempting a worldwide takeover. Putin wants to weaken NATO to take his military on a trip across the world and take over regions that would provide him with the resources he needs to build a Russian empire.

Putin was so enraged to hear about Finland and Sweden applying for membership that he decided to start moving his nuclear weapons to the Finland border.

RedState reported that the Sun revealed that Putin’s weapons are “The mobile short-range ballistic missile is capable of carrying cluster munitions or fuel-air explosive enhanced-blast warheads. With a range of up to 310 miles, the Iskander can also be deployed for bunker-busting and anti-radar missions. The movement of the lethal missiles comes after Russia warned Finland and Sweden that their decision to join NATO was a ‘grave mistake with far-reaching consequences.’”

Putin claimed that Ukraine was arming for war, and now here he is making claims that Finland is making moves to invade Russia. The Russian president is simply looking for reasons to invade other nations. He needs the resources in Ukraine to help supply his military with weapons, and he needs Finland as a buffer zone to the west.

NATO exists to help stop the threats that Russia is creating. Putin does not want a strong NATO because he would go to war with a unified world. The crazy man needs a divided world because he knows Russian is not powerful enough to battle an entire world. His military has had trouble taking Ukraine.

Putin has also made threats against the west if NATO continues to stand in the way of Russia. But his threats are falling on deaf ears because NATO is conducting military drills near the Russian borders. Fifteen thousand troops from 14 different nations were participating in the drills. Putin sees this as a threat and continues to issue one threat after another.

The Russian president has led his people to believe that the entire world is a threat to his country and power. He has the Russian media produce fake news stories that help him justify invading and killing innocent people.

Joe Biden has done very little to aid in helping the Ukrainian people resist Russian terror. His reluctance to take a stand only proves that he wants Russia to expand its influence and borders. The terror that Russia is bringing to the world includes the nukes they have placed along the Finland border. Just one press of a button would enable Putin to kill millions of innocent people trying to make a life for themselves.