Quarantine Period Fading As COVID Continues To Change

Luca Lorenzelli/shutterstock.com
Luca Lorenzelli/shutterstock.com

The Democrats are finally coming to grips with the fact that they have worn out their pandemic-free card. The wakeup calls for them was last November when their beloved blue state Virginia decided to vote out of the office a Democratic governor and install a Republican in his place. The country is tired of being manipulated and insanely controlled by the Democrats. And now that the message is sent, the Democrats want to play nice just until the end of the 2022 midterm elections.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention is a liberal hub of lies and nonsense. They have changed the COVID-19 rules so often that no one can trust their reports. The latest change is shortening the quarantine period from ten days to five days. The sick person must no longer show any signs of infection or be exhibiting symptoms. The change of rules comes as the popularity of the Democratic Party continues to tank as people look for ways to replace their liberal leaders.

The part that makes absolutely no sense is what Dr. Rochelle Walensky stated. She said that “The Omicron variant is spreading quickly and has the potential to impact all facets of our society. CDC’s updated recommendations for isolation and quarantine balance what we know about the spread of the virus and the protection provided by vaccination and booster doses.”

The virus continues to spread, so they decide to shorten the quarantine time. She pushes the pandemic but, on the backside, tells everyone that it is not as bad any longer. Her response is why no one listens to the CDC or their recommendations. They are nothing more than a center that pushes Biden’s fake pandemic agenda.

Walensky stated that “These updates ensure people can safely continue their daily lives. Prevention is our best option: get vaccinated, get boosted, wear a mask in public indoor settings in areas of substantial and high community transmission, and take a test before you gather.”

She just had to get the plug-in for the vaccine. Biden and his band of thugs continue to silently push the vaccine as the only means of beating the virus. But what they fail to mention is that the vaccine is a choice, and people can build up immunity after they catch the virus.

The CDC also tried to point out that their decision to change the rules was purely on science. And whenever a person has to claim an obvious source, people must question the motives behind the announcement. There is usually an ulterior motive behind the change. And in this case, it will be full of Biden’s poisonous rules.

Walensky would love to see every person taking a COVID test before gathering in groups. That idea sounds fine until the person goes out and tries to find a test. Biden and his supply chain drama have seen to it to drain the system of all the test kits. It is rare to find the kits on any shelves around the country.

The director also pushed for more mask-wearing as she would tell people to leave isolation to wear a mask for five full days. The liberals working for Biden take every chance to push mask and vaccine mandates. The subtle messages they leave plague society and make people furious with the liberals.

The one part of the announcement that is not receiving much attention is the CDC telling people exposed to isolation for five days instead of the previous ten-day period. That means anyone who feels like they were around another person who might have had the virus must sit at home for nearly a week and not leave the house.

The continuous attacks on freedom and the constant pushing of mandates will cause the liberals to have a bad election year. People are tired of being told to cover their faces and to line up so they can be injected with a drug known to make people sick.