‘Racial Discrimination’ and ‘Speech Codes’ Implicated in Mass. Federal Court

By 4 PM production shutterstock.com
By 4 PM production shutterstock.com

To hear these terms you would think there were claims against white children in 2021. Yet that is exactly who these claims are being filed on the behalf of Parents Defending Education (PDE) filed a lawsuit Tuesday against Wellesley Public Schools (WPS) in Massachusetts, alleging their involvement in racial segregation and suppression of first amendment rights.

According to the lawsuit, the root of the issue is new ‘affinity group’ meetings that are open to some students but closed to others, based solely on the races and ethnicities of the students involved. A racial affinity group is commonly defined as ‘a group of people sharing a common race who gather with the intention of finding connection, support, and inspiration’.” This idea is a far cry from the ‘equality’ these same liberal groups are claiming we need to have more of.

These groups are set up specifically for ‘Asian’, ‘black and brown’, and other groups. The wording they use to form these groups inherently discriminates against anyone who isn’t a member of these groups, and there is not even a ‘separate but equal’ representation. That means no ‘white’s only’ groups are allowed. Their justification is that by being with their own race of people, they can speak up freely.

However, this goes against everything we have been teaching our kids for years. We try to get them to love and accept their neighbors. To treat them with respect, until they give you a reason not to. For the school to not only allow, but to endorse such segregation is unfathomable. Considering the goals of these groups as openly stated by WPS, it is mindboggling how this has been allowed to happen, and how long it has gone on before this lawsuit.

The goals of these groups include to “pursue justice for … historically marginalized communities,” “continuously examine systems of privilege and bias,” “work collectively to disrupt and dismantle inequity in all its forms,” and achieve “racial equity.” … In order to “nurture and affirm positive racial identity development.”

Just reading that should make your skin crawl. This idea of the WPS creating more ‘victims’ under the guise of fighting for ‘equality’ is shameful. Much like the idea of feminism meaning putting men down to bring women up, this just does not work in the real world. By giving these young and impressionable minds the idea that segregation of self means advancement, they are just pushing people away and teaching more hate.

To make this happen, Dr. Charmie Curry sent out word to the instructors to pass along the news of these divisive groups to the students. Telling them “Unfortunately, I don’t have access to student/parent emails disaggregated by demographic data to really hone in. So, I’m relying on teaching teams to communicate this opportunity to students directly.”

So not only is she advocating for this disaster of an idea, but she’s also expecting the educators to get the word out on her behalf. The same people who are attempting to educate people of the history of this country are being expected to talk out the side of their mouth and encourage the same division they are also speaking out against. Very dangerous ideas are at work here.

The worst part about this is the implied message of segregation is okay, as long as you are doing it to yourself. While the free choice of who you socialize with is completely acceptable and even encouraged, it leads down a dangerous path. What do we tell a student who is a person of color when a table full of white kids say, ‘you can’t sit here?’ We tell them they are wrong, and they should include this student. Yet in the same breath, if we reverse the races, they want to tell them it’s allowed. How can the fight for equality be so blind?