Racism and Beer…When Will the Nonsense Stop…Get a Load of This Foolishness

Beer is a staple to many Americans who spend an average of $1200 annually for the foamy substance that’s guaranteed to refresh their taste buds or drown their sorrows, depending on personal circumstances.

The king of beers, Budweiser, tops the list as America’s favorite brand. But ironically, the king also tops the list as being our nation’s worst brewed watered-down rotgut.

A recent survey showed that 51% of our beer-gut population will drink no other beer, while 46% would just as soon pour it down the drain rather than let it pass through their lips.

A smaller percentage, roughly 5%, don’t give two hoots about the brand they drink just as long as they get to chug it, whether it be foreign or domestic.

One particular brand of craft-brewed beer just received the ax, but it had nothing to do with the flavor of the meticulously brewed beer itself, it had only to do with the beer’s packaging.

Yellow Belly Beer, brewed in Sweden and the U.K., was given the boot when consumers began complaining about the beer’s poor and out-of-touch packaging design. The brewers’ intent was to create a package design that celebrated progressiveness in America. But boy oh boy, according to liberals, they missed the mark by a long shot.

The brewer wrapped each individual bottle in white paper before bunching the excess paper at the top in a swirl. So how could something like this present a problem to anyone?

America’s liberal population, who consistently complain about anything and everything, could not keep themselves from pitching a hissy-fit of dynamic proportions. If they squinted hard enough and let their imaginations flow, the packaging honored racism. We know…what the hell?

The beer sold for $40 a bottle and was considered a premier brew worth every cent, but all the whiners and complainers saw, in their bloodshot eyes, was how the packaging resembled a KKK hood. Bear in mind, the packaging was designed to actually present an image of anti-racism.

The Swedish brewery, Omnipollo, along with the U.K. brewery, Buxton, posted this about the beer on their individual websites.

“Yellow Belly—a person who is without courage, fortitude, or nerve; a coward. To us, one of the most cowardly deeds is to act anonymously, hiding behind a group. A signifying trait of institutionalized racism. This beer is brewed to celebrate all things new, open-minded, and progressive. A peanut butter biscuit stout with no biscuits, butter, or nuts. Taste, enjoy and don’t be prejudiced. Brewed with aromas.”

World of Beer Bar & Kitchen, the beers American distributor, even went as far as to issue an apology by stating, “Please accept our apologies for the lapse in judgment in serving. While we can’t speak for the intent of the brewer, the visual representation does not have a place at our establishment. We appreciate you bringing it to our attention and welcome the opportunity for discussion.”

Whether their apology was sincere, or whether they were simply making an attempt to appease their liberal beer-guzzling customers, is anyone’s guess. A stab in the dark would indicate the latter to be true.

For those customers who enjoyed the beers high alcohol content, whether their purpose for drinking it was to get drunk as a skunk, or because they really enjoyed the beers flavor, will need to find something else to do the trick.

The hooded hops are no longer available in the U.S. thanks to America’s liberal inhabitants who daily seek new ways and methods of flushing out racism and attacking all of the wrong things. It’s beer. Wrapped in a paper sleeve. Perhaps if the brewers had chosen any other color than white, their product may have sold like gangbusters.

There comes a point when all of the nonsense we are currently witnessing must come to a halt. When simplistic things such as a paper wrapper on a beer bottle incite the easily citeable, it’s time to stop and reflect.

Is this really who we are? Is this really who we want to be? The obvious answer is no way. To create racist issues from even the most innocent of things is to continually revive and encourage the anti-racism movement that has many times proven itself to be baseless. Such is the case of the never to be seen again beer known as Yellow Belly. Can we get an amen?