Reporters Scramble To Save Face As DeSantis Comes Out on Top Again

Leonard Zhukovsky/

The liberal media is relentless in the way that it attacks Republicans. They love to invent stories and make people believe that they are true of the person they are trying to attack. One of the people that they love to attack is Governor Ron DeSantis. On more than one occasion, they have invented fake news to try and smear the man’s reputation.

The state of Florida has $80 billion in funds designated to be used on infrastructure. The governor took the time to speak about the funds and what they would be used for. It was then that the spiteful media went on the attack and stated that the acceptance of the money proves that the governor is nothing more than a big hypocrite.

The part of the story that the media is not telling us is that DeSantis was not totally against the concept of fixing the country’s infrastructure. The problem that he had, as many Republicans did, was the unnecessary addition of socialist agenda items. They wanted to add their poisonous parts and hope that people would accept the bill.

Governor DeSantis pointed out that the bill was full of items to benefit Democratic-controlled states. The $80 billion Florida received was nothing compared to what the blue states would get. But the governor was not about to send the money back that was guaranteed to the states.

The media made the statement that DeSantis was against the bill and then accepted the money. But there is no evidence to prove that the story they told was ever confirmed. It is nothing more than a fabrication of a reality they want to invent. The Democrats and their media brothers need to tell a fake story to harm the image of Ron DeSantis. Their attacks are nothing short of cowardly actions of those that know that the Republicans fight for the people.

At one point, the nasty Democrats attack Ron DeSantis and his wife during her battle with cancer. The liberals tried to smear him for taking care of her during the most challenging times of their fight against the disease.

The one part of the attack that they have not revealed is where the money came from. The media stated that the money was part of Biden’s bill, but when one digs deep, they will find that it links back to the early days of Donald Trump and the assistance he promised to Florida once Hurricane Irma had ravaged the state.

The federal funds promised to areas affected by natural disasters usually take a long time to be handed out. And in many cases, the funds are distributed in different stages. Florida’s money was not from Joe Biden but the previous administration.

The lie that the media has told is one that they invented. The liberal journalists took the information and fraudulently adapted it to create a story that would smear a man trying to help the people he serves. They saw an opportunity to spin a narrative using facts that do not support the truth.

Journalists are supposed to be people that write truthful pieces for people to read. But these Democratic journalists have abandoned the truth and embraced the lies of their liberal overlords. They did not check the facts to see where the funds came from. They jumped the gun and used the information in a way to attack an innocent man.

The Democrats will never admit their error. They will continue to push their fake story with the hopes that it will at some level accomplish the damage they want to do to their competition. Ron DeSantis is significant pain in the side of Joe Biden. He is a threat to the future of the Democratic Party because he serves the people.

The people living in Florida have been free from liberal rule since the early days of the pandemic. Joe Biden could not control the state, so he has taken it upon himself to try and punish the leaders that would not bow to the wishes of the liberal dictator.