Republican Blows the Cover Off What Americans Should be Worried About at The Border: This is Bad


After paying a visit to the border in Arizona Rep. Andy Biggs (R-Ariz) the head of the House Border Security Caucus, is trying to warn the American people the Southern US border is overrun and going to be at a point of no return come 2022 if not quickly handled by the Biden administration.

After returning from the border Biggs spoke to Fox News and reported he had seen dozens of migrants crawling through the gaps. The gaps in the fence are a big problem. Biden has ceased the construction of the wall leaving the US exposed and vulnerable to immigrants along with cartel members making their way illegally into the country. Leading other countries such as Canada to tighten the security upon their border touching America and rightfully so.

Folks, when people read the word gaps they are assuming people are shimmying through small barely human-sized holes. That is just simply not the case.

With gaps being over a hundred feet long, 30-40 immigrants are sauntering across the border at a time. Yuma and DelRio are overrun past maximum capacity and Joe Biden, who “took” office is doing nothing to stop it, and his fellow vice president visits when she can’t avoid it any longer and claims global warming is the problem with our borders.

With numbers as high as 200,000 encounters back in the summer, November’s numbers had agents reporting 173,620 crossing along the southern border leading to an appalling 140% increase from this time last year. Just to be rapidly released inside the United States.

The border is just wide open causing a massive surge in the current population, especially in the south including, Yuma, Del Rio as well as the Rio Grande.

Within one single week, Yuma has been flooded with more than 6,000 illegals. Yuma law enforcement simply can’t keep up with this type of surge. It is becoming more clear that no matter which side you’re on one must conclude the Biden administration is set out to flood the country with illegals causing a hardship on our southern states as well as the rest of the country allowing all the illegal immigrants a free pass and not having the amount of law enforcement need for such a sudden high volume of people.

Local law enforcement officers in the south are referring to the situation as absolute chaos, and rightfully so. Just since mid-October, this year Border Protection has reported over 20,000 encounters along with the Yuma Sector.

If all they were doing was simply leaving behind a trail of masks and various other trash on their way to another place it would be one thing, but not only are we flooding our population and putting such a strain on these cities, while caravanning into the U.S., these kinds of numbers demand a more substantial ratio of law enforcement vs. people and we can’t seem to get any help.

Biggs has suggested a variety of different ways to get a handle on the situation suggesting to put an end to the Catch and release program we currently have and start returning all the illegal immigrants to the countries they came from.

As Americans we want others to be afforded the same opportunities as we have been given but it’s only fair to the rest of us who pay taxes and come here legally to request the same of the people coming over, under, and through the wall.

However, anything we do is a mere bandaid on a gaping wound that’s already turned into Gangrene if the Biden administration continues to work against us, the American people.