Ridiculous Republican Contender for President Says Conservatives ‘Have Lost Their Way’

There are certain politics dos and don’ts. When there’s an incumbent president running for president, there’s no need to run.

The reason is that the nominating committee will give the bid to the sitting president. In terms of the 2020 election, the GOP is most likely to give the nomination to Donald Trump because he’s the sitting president.

To put it in a way that the former governor of South Carolina can understand: there’s no need to run for president because the GOP already has a suitable nominee. However, Mark Sanford believes that “we have lost our way.”

He wants the GOP to remember what it means to be a Republican, according to his interview with Fox News Sunday.

Sanford has officially announced that he will be challenging Trump for the GOP presidential nomination. However, someone needs to remind Sanford that it’s the Dems who have lost their way, not the GOP.

Sanford, who served as governor of South Carolina as well as a congressman for over 10 years, highlights a number of reasons as to why he feels the GOP has lost its way.

This includes the ballooning debt and deficits as well as the trade protectionism that Trump is focusing on.

Sanford says that the Republican Party has always been conservative, focusing on how much is being spent. While this is true, Sanford also needs to respect that Trump has been working to reduce the deficits.

More Republicans are focusing on the ballooning debt than Democrats – which demonstrates that Democrats are continuously looking to raise the deficit – and Obama did nothing in order to improve the economy.

The Democrats have most certainly lost their way – especially with so many political candidates from the DNC discussing trillion dollar deals focusing on climate control – a clear indication that they land on raising the debt and deficits even further should they get into office.

Sanford doesn’t want to focus on what the Democrats are doing, however. He is concerned that Trump is damaging institutions and political culture. He is also concerned that Trump uses Twitter.

He feels that tweets are newsworthy but not a sign of leadership. If Sanford is not planning on using Twitter, he may be in for a shock. One of the reasons why Trump continues to Tweet is because the rest of the world is doing so as well.

Countless House Dems are known for doing most of their communication through tweeting. Quite a few world leaders will tweet before sending an email or holding a press release, too. It’s the way of the world, and Trump using the social media tool shows that he understands it.

Sanford made the comment that some of the most profound problems of America are not going to be solved by a tweet. This is true – and no one has said that it would be solved by a tweet.

It is an effective communication tool – and if Sanford doesn’t understand that, he is going to have a hard time convincing America that he is any more capable as a president than Donald Trump is.

For some reason, Sanford thinks that he has a moral high ground over Trump. In 2009, he was a married governor. While his aides told reporters that he was hiking along the Appalachian Trail, he was actually visiting his girlfriend in Argentina.

Sanford’s indiscretions place him closer to the political leanings of Democrats – such as the known a fair of Bill Clinton. While he has “profoundly apologized” for that indiscretion, the reality is that it still happened – and that isn’t the kind of morality needed in the Oval Office at this point in time.

When Sanford can’t even get the support of his home state of South Carolina, it clearly shows that he is mistaken of what he thinks is wrong with the country and his ability to fix it. Republicans in South Carolina have canceled their 2020 presidential primary.

This means that they will not be voting in a Republican primary – their vote will automatically go to Donald Trump. If that doesn’t speak volumes, nothing will.

Since Sanford clearly sees the problem with the GOP as opposed to where the real problem lies, he is going to have quite the uphill battle. The incumbent president has always gotten the nomination, whether it was from the DNC or the GOP.

The only thing that Mark Sanford will succeed in is spending a significant amount of campaign money in order to go against the sitting president and shine a light on his inability to see what America truly needs.