AG Warns Deep State Trying to Thwart Trump

AG Warns Deep State Trying to Thwart Trump

( – During the 2016 presidential campaign, then-candidate Donald Trump created one of the most memorable lines in political history: “Drain the swamp.” This symbolized all that was wrong with Washington. For decades, politicians and long-time government bureaucrats have had more to gain in government service than in the private sector.

Government dishonesty was on the ballot, and Hillary Clinton was its representative. That’s one of the reasons voters supported Trump in 2016; he was a direct challenger to the status quo. Now, Attorney General William Barr says there is a “deep state” that is real and is intent on thwarting President Trump and his administration at every turn.

Attorney General Confirms the Deep State

On Wednesday, September 16, the US Attorney General made a bold and declarative statement in an interview with the Chicago Tribune. He said, “There undoubtedly are many people in the government who surreptitiously work to thwart the administration.”

In Late 2018, Barr appointed US Attorney John Durham to investigate the origins of the Russian Hoax. In August, an FBI lawyer admitted to falsifying an email justifying to the FISA court why the FBI wanted to spy on the Trump campaign. Durham’s report is due out any time now — before the November election — as rumors swirl of more indictments to come.

Additionally, over the last several months, the Department of Justice (DOJ) dismissed the case against former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn. Barr discovered that the FBI wrongfully trapped Flynn and that the retired three-star general admitted to lying to the FBI under false duress. (You can read the details here).

Barr Holds DOJ Swamp Accountable

In a separate address to Hillsdale College, the AG warned that career federal prosecutors could “sometimes become headhunters.” They were responsible for pursuing Flynn. He cautioned that prosecutors who think they have the final authority are misled. The ultimate authority, he said, lies with the elected officials who appointed them that grants their authority to the government employees.

Barr went on to say that career bureaucrats do not have the legitimacy to make final decisions since they were not appointed by the president and confirmed by Congress. The attorney general, the one ultimately accountable for the DOJ, said it’s his job to supervise career prosecutors.

Finally, Barr said, “We are the Department of Justice, not the Department of Prosecution.”

For those who say the deep state is just a conspiracy theory, they need to be informed of how their government is behaving. If they can do this to a president, they can do it to anyone who isn’t aligned with their agenda. Government officials need to be reminded from time to time that they serve at the will of the president, who serves at the will of the American people.

Stay tuned. The AG may have a lot more to say in the coming days, weeks, and months ahead.

By Don Purdum, Freelance Contributor

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