Author Of Fake Trump “Dossier” Admits It Was Never Meant To Be Seen By Public

Author Of Fake Trump “Dossier” Admits It Was Never Meant To Be Seen By Public

( – The Russia investigation was a complete hoax — and the people behind it never wanted the public to know the truth.

According to a bombshell report by Newsmax, the author of the fake Russia “dossier,” Christopher Steele, has just admitted that he never wanted the public to see what he had written in it. Apparently, he wanted to keep the fake information within a secret.

Steele Confesses

The infamous dossier that sparked the Russia collusion allegations against President Trump should never have been made public, according to the man who wrote it. Renegade ex-spy Christopher Steele, speaking in the UK’s High Court, said he never expected a media organization to publish it.

The dossier was commissioned in 2016 by Republican opponents of Donald Trump. It was then taken over by the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton’s election campaign. The dossier was organized by Fusion GPS, a Washington, DC political consultancy, but Fusion contracted out the actual work to Orbis Business Intelligence.

Orbis is run by Christopher Steele, a former Russia specialist for Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service. Steele has claimed he used contacts developed during his time as an intelligence officer to find evidence that President Trump had colluded with Russia during his election campaign.

The Steele dossier was leaked by far-left website Buzzfeed in January 2017 – a move Steele says he didn’t want. He argues that his company’s reputation would be damaged if he didn’t protect the sources he used to collect information.

However, there could be other reasons for Steele wanting the dossier to stay private. The reason he’s currently in the High Court is because a Russian businessman, Aleksei Gubarev, is suing him for defamation over some of its claims. Steele wrote that Gubarev was involved in hacking attacks against the Democratic Party before the 2016 election. Gubarev says this is a lie and is pushing for a huge damages payout from the ex-spy.

Steele has already lost another case in the High Court. On July 9, he was ordered to pay two other Russians $23,000 each over false claims that they’d made illegal payments to Russian President Vladimir Putin. The judge condemned Steele for not checking the truthfulness of claims before spreading them.

The Investigation Was Hoax

Since the Mueller report confirmed there was no evidence of collusion between President Trump and Russia, Steele’s claims have been systematically collapsing. The High Court ruling found that there were at least six fake claims in the dossier. All the evidence now shows that it was a work of fiction, created solely to be used as a political weapon by the Democrats.

President Trump is now calling for Steele to be extradited to the US to face punishment for his fraudulent “research.” The rogue spy’s activities harmed and destabilized the US government – and American politicians paid him to do it.

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