Chaotic Debate Exposes Biden’s Weakness With the Far Left

Chaotic Debate Exposes Biden's Weakness with the Far Left

( – On Tuesday night, September 29, President Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden met for the first debate, which could only be described as chaotic. Both men came prepared to brawl, and brawl they did. At times, it felt more like a cage fight than a debate. Nonetheless, Biden may have engaged in some serious foul play against some of the voters he spent an entire summer trying to woo.

What Biden did last night ought to be considered political malpractice. In ordinary times, it probably would be. Rule number one is you never attack your own voters. In essence, that’s what Biden did last night. While many are declaring there wasn’t a clear winner, that may not be accurate based on the following analysis.

On issues of climate change, healthcare, and working with Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), Biden threw the far left under the bus. It ought to be a lead story across the media, but it’s not. Instead, the media is focusing on how over-the-top the debate was.

Lost in the moment is that Trump may have managed to do something last night completely missed by many — separate Biden from far-left voters.

Three Statements That Could Come Back to Haunt Biden

Since May, when Biden all but wrapped up the nomination process, he has worked overtime to court the far-left wing of the Democratic Party. Unfortunately for him, he has been met with skepticism. Last night, Biden didn’t help his case.

There were three main points the former vice president made that could be pivotal. When we look back after the election at this debate, the consequences may be evident.

1. Bernie Sanders Manifesto

Leading up to the Democratic National Convention (DNC), Biden and Sanders met regularly to create a plan ensuring they could defeat Trump. Biden’s stated goal was to assure the far left had a say in the party platform to secure their votes in November. Minus Medicare-for-All and a few other minor issues, Sanders got everything he wanted, and the moderates were left out in the cold. Last night, Biden reminded Bernie voters that he won’t go far enough on their government-run universal healthcare agenda.

Regardless, Biden denied working with Sanders to create what President Trump last night referred to as a “manifesto.”

Adding salt to the wound, Biden was all too giddy to remind people that he beat Sanders, and declared that he is now “the Democratic Party.” While that’s true, did it do him any good to remind Sanders’ supporters whom he needs?

2. The Green New Deal

Perhaps one of the most shocking statements of the evening came when Biden said he doesn’t support the Green New Deal. When challenged by Trump, the former VP said, “The Green New Deal is not my plan.”

To gain clarity, debate moderator Chris Wallace asked him specifically if he supported the “plan that calls for the US to meet 100% renewable energy.” Biden responded, “No, I don’t support the Green New Deal.”

However, Biden’s new declaration runs contrary to the party platform he developed with Sanders. It further contradicts his website, which calls the Green New Deal a “crucial framework.”

After the debate, one of the climate bill’s creators, Senator Ed Markey (D-MA), said, “we will pass a Green New Deal.”

3. Packing the Court

Over the weekend, Democrats began threatening to expand the Supreme Court with their own liberal judges to outnumber the conservative majority if they win the Senate and presidency. It’s called “packing the court.” For years, Biden has said the practice should be off-limits and would serve no one. He elaborated that it would just create a new political opportunity for whichever political party was in power and would delegitimize the court.

However, on Tuesday night, Biden refused to say what he would do as the Democratic voices grow louder. If he joins them, it could hurt him with moderates. If he doesn’t, he gives the far left one more reason to be mad at him.

Therein lies Biden’s challenge. Trump set the trap, and Biden took the bait. It’s one thing for left-wing politicians to stay with Biden over their hate of Trump. It’s questionable if the actual voters will remain with Biden. They could become so upset in the next month and feel like there isn’t a big difference between Trump and Biden, possibly resulting in them staying home.

The tightrope just got tighter last night for Biden.

Stay tuned as the fallout from the debate continues to unfold.

By Don Purdum, Freelance Contributor

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