Deadly Attack Leaves 60 Dead, 60 Injured in Sudan After Democrats Lift Trump’s Travel Ban to Country (REPORT)

Deadly Attack Leaves 60 Dead, 60 Injured in Sudan After Democrats Lift Trump’s Travel Ban to Country

( – The nation of Sudan was already in an unstable condition due to the Coronavirus. And now, this just happened…

Just days after Democrats in the US House REVERSED Donald Trump’s travel ban to the nation of Sudan, a total of 120 people are said to be dead or wounded. The cause? A terrorist attack launched against the nation’s government, according to the New York Post.

House Democrats claim they struck a blow for freedom last week by overturning the administration’s ban on travel from several high-risk countries. The ban, which has been in place since 2017, has been criticized by the left as a “Muslim ban” that discriminates on religious grounds. Now the Dems have managed to overturn it – regardless of the risk to American lives.


The clumsily named “National Origin-Based Antidiscrimination for Nonimmigrants Act,” (NO BAN) passed by the House last Wednesday, aims to strike down President Trump’s 2017 limits on travel from seven rogue or failed states.

Early in the Trump presidency, the administration moved to restrict – although not completely ban – travelers from seven named countries from entering the US. These countries all happen to have Muslim majorities, leading Democrats to complain that it was a religiously-based act they labeled a “Muslim ban”.

In fact, there are 50 Muslim-majority countries in the world and the ban didn’t affect 43 of them. Less than 12% of the Muslim population were included in the ban, and the countries were selected because they’re failed states with very high levels of violence and support for terrorism.

Just to illustrate the risks from those countries, days after the House voted 233-183 to allow travel from Sudan, a terrorist attack in the country killed at least 60 people and wounded as many again.

Devastating Attack

The massacre occurred in the village of Masteri, in Sudan’s troubled Darfur region. Masalit’s inhabitants mostly belong to the Masalit ethnic group, a black African people who have frequently been persecuted by the country’s Arab nomads.

On Saturday afternoon, around 500 armed men attacked the village, shooting civilians and burning shops and homes. Total casualties are estimated at over 120 killed and wounded, although it’s hard to get exact figures in the lawless region. Private military company GardaWorld has reported several similar attacks in Darfur this month.

Democrats Reversed Trump’s Travel Ban Over “Racism”

Democrats claim the administration’s travel ban was “racist” or “Islamophobic,” but the reality is that 17 other countries have a higher percentage of Muslims than Sudan and only two of them – Yemen, also a violent failed state, and notorious terrorism sponsor Iran – were affected by the ban.

President Trump imposed the ban to protect Americans against the risk of terrorism from failed and hostile states; peaceful, 100% Muslim and 100% non-white Maldives wasn’t included, for example, because it poses no threat to America.

Now, in the age of coronavirus, repealing the ban makes even less sense. Iran was one of the early centers of the infection, while Iraq and Libya are seeing rapid rises in cases. Sudan won’t even publish details.

GOP lawmakers quickly hit back against the NO BAN Act, calling it “reckless” and “irresponsible” to allow travel from these heavily infected battlezones.

The fact is, just days after Democrats called Trump’s travel ban “racist,” the country’s given good reason why the ban was enacted in the first place.

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