Joe Biden Says He Will Shut Down Country Over COVID If Elected

Joe Biden Says He Will Shut Down Country Over COVID If Elected

( -The Democratic Party’s nominee for president, the former VP in the Barack Hussein Obama administration, Joe Biden, has added a new plank to his political platform. He commented on two things he would do regarding the coronavirus pandemic if and when he becomes president.

Mask Up and Shut Down

The candidate who will face off against President Donald Trump in the November 2020 election has made his position on face coverings and public conduct quite clear. He wants every American to wear a mask while in public for at least the next three months.

He never made clear how he would accomplish his goal. At one point, he seemed to suggest that he would make the order on his executive authority, while at another point, he intimated he might pressure each governor. A more frightening aspect was he never addressed how compliance would be enforced or what penalties might result.

He was also quite adamant that he would be more than happy to throw the United States into a lockdown — presumably through executive orders — if the “experts” deemed it necessary. At first blush, it might seem that these are inconsequential ideas, but they are indicators he believes he would have dictatorial powers as president.


Soon after his inauguration as vice president in the Obama White House, the world faced a pandemic revolving around a new influenza A virus. It was a new variant of the “swine flu,” labeled H1N1, and the response from the Left was quite different from what they currently propose.

The erstwhile VP held the opinion (after his handlers had to clarify what he “really meant” just like now, a decade later) that it was only people exhibiting symptoms who needed to avoid traveling in enclosed spaces like airplanes and subways. There was no call for shutdowns or mandated face coverings like we are hearing about now.

In public statements at the time, then-President Obama noticed it was a time of “deep concern” but simply advised “if you are sick, stay home. If your child is sick, keep them out of school.” In her first stint as Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) chimed in by saying that she wouldn’t tell her family to stay off of confined transportation systems, but rather to just use “common sense.”

What If He Wins

The unfolding story of what might happen with a hypothetical President Joe Biden brings two things to light. The first is that the man thinks that as president, he can simply wave a magic wand and force law-abiding citizens to change their thought patterns and behaviors into what he considers “correct.”

Number two happens to be something that Progressive Liberals have turned into an art form: hypocrisy. When faced with a pandemic in a year in which they were the incumbents, they fought tooth and nail to keep it downplayed. While this year, as part of their continuing efforts to undo Hillary Clinton’s 2016 loss, they have hit the proverbial big red panic button.

Are Joe Biden and his hypocritical ways what you want in the White House? Email us and let us know.

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