Kim Jong Un Orders Pet Dogs Confiscated in North Korea

Kim Jong Un Orders Pet Dogs Confiscated in North Korea

( – The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, which is neither democratic nor a republic, has just banned pets. Kim Jong Un, hereditary leader of the secretive Stalinist dictatorship, issued the decree in July but news has just reached the outside world. Some details have leaked, too, and they’re horrifying – this ban is a lot worse than just closing the pet shops.

Communists Denounce Owning Pets – But Not Eating Them

South Korean media is reporting that back in July, North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong Un, issued an order banning pets in his nuclear-armed rogue state. Like everything that happens in North Korea, the new law is bizarre and horrifying.

  • South Korean newspaper Chosun Ilbo reported on Monday that, according to a source in their Communist neighbor, pet ownership was denounced and outlawed last month.
  • In North Korea, only the wealthy elite in the country’s capital, Pyongyang, commonly own pets. Ordinary North Koreans keep pigs or chickens, which double as a source of protein. Owning a dog is a status symbol – and not a popular one.
  • A series of famines in the 1990s killed up to 15% of the north Korean population and smaller outbreaks of starvation are still common. Peasants and the working class resent seeing people who can afford to keep an animal not being raised for food.
  • Now, the regime says pet ownership is a “tainted trend” driven by “bourgeois ideology” and is confiscating all known pets. It’s being spun as promoting equality, one of the claimed goals of socialism, but this political facade conceals a horrible reality.
  • The newspaper is reporting some of the confiscated dogs are being given to state-run zoos – but others, and probably far more, are being handed over to restaurants and cooked.
  • Dog meat is a traditional delicacy on the Korean peninsula, but its popularity in South Korea is fading as the country modernizes and becomes wealthy. However, in the North, which faces constant food shortages caused by its inefficient farming sector, dog meat is still commonly eaten.

The North Korean regime claims it always acts from the highest of motives, which is why it’s talking about fairness and equality while turning beloved family pets into soup. The reality is that, as usual, socialists are using high principles to hide the consequences of their ideology’s failure. The only equality socialism ever delivers is to make everyone equally hungry and miserable.

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