Nancy Pelosi Accuses Trump of Letting People Die

Nancy Pelosi Accuses Trump of Letting People Die

( – Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) continues to play her political games with American lives and livelihood, in part, because she’s acting like a petulant child after President Donald Trump hurt her feelings. She’s refused to speak to the president since she stormed out of the meeting on October 16, 2019, going so far as to refuse three different phone calls from the Oval Office “negotiating” with White House representatives several weeks ago.

Now she has the audacity to blame Trump for the death rate and infection rate escalating?

“It’s All Trump’s Fault!”

Pelosi, along with the rest of the Liberal cadre, has been using the coronavirus pandemic as a means to force much of their Socialist/Communist agenda onto America. They did it in the first COVID-19 stimulus package, earlier in 2020, when they refused to pass legislation that didn’t provide several hundred million dollars for the performing arts and the like.

This time around their starting “offer” was a $3.4-trillion laundry list of items that almost seems to have been designed to create Conservative opposition. Several things that they’ve included that President Trump has repeatedly said would be nonstarters for months now, include:

  • Almost $1 trillion to bail out state and local governments.
  • Maintaining the $600 per week (which puts most recipients above their monthly paycheck) unemployment bonus rather than reducing it.
  • Increase funding for the Postal Service in order to implement their vote-by-mail scheme.

The idea of including items one knows they won’t likely get in the opening bid of the negotiation process is a tried-and-true tactic. Going too far and putting in elements your opponent has already said “absolutely not” to, falls under another word: obstructionist.

Speaker Pelosi refused President Trump’s phone calls three times while his negotiating team was sitting with her. Then, she was “too busy” to meet with White House Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows, while he happened to be in the Capitol building, and yet somehow this is all the president’s fault??

Unfortunately for the Democrats, the American electorate has a pretty good record of seeing through all their babbling — just like Hillary Clinton found out in 2016.

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