Will Harris Help or Hurt Biden With Supreme Court Fight?

Will Harris Help or Hurt Biden with Supreme Court Fight?

(RightWing.org) – The fight to confirm a Supreme Court justice in the senate will be vicious and brutal. That leads to a lot of questions about how voters may respond. Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) isn’t just Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s running mate; she’s also a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee. If there are hearings, President Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court will go through the committee, meaning Harris’ actions during the confirmation will have an impact on Biden’s chances to win 2020, for better or for worse.

Her participation could draw an incredible amount of interest and intrigue for voters with just weeks to go before an election. As a former attorney general for California, Harris is a shrewd questioner. However, she could create as many problems for Biden’s election chances as she does benefits.

Harris Can Help or Hurt Biden

To this point, Harris has taken a quiet role in the campaign. That’s about to change. Supreme Court nominations typically captivate America. In 2018, more than 20 million people tuned in to watch the Kavanaugh hearings.

Much is at stake in the 2020 election. The presidency, Roe v. Wade, and a Supreme Court dominated by conservatives for possibly 20 years could set back progressive causes or empower conservative ones. It’s entirely possible the next president may not get to nominate a Supreme Court justice.

As Biden tries to balance the far left and moderates of his party in the closing days of the election, Harris could hurt him by splitting the two groups. Every day, Harris will be on television, arguing against the nominee. That by itself could be problematic. If Trump nominates a pro-life woman who is either a Catholic or Hispanic, it could pin Harris in a difficult place.

If she comes out as strong against a female as she did Kavanaugh, it could be political gold, or it could be a landmine.

Handling the Issues

Over the coming months, the Supreme Court is expected to hear cases involving Obamacare and abortion. The temptation Harris could have is to go hard after the nominee. That could energize the Democratic base, but there’s no guarantee. For one, Republicans have the votes to confirm the nominee — that won’t escape the voter’s minds.

As a result, some Democratic strategists don’t think the nomination will have much of an impact on their voters. However, there is a chance, especially in the suburbs of big cities, that Biden could get the votes of Republican and independent women who don’t like Trump’s style. If Harris comes out strong against issues this group is strongly for, it could backfire against her and the campaign. This election is expected to be extremely close, and any gain or loss of votes counts.

Does Harris Represent Her Voters in California or the Campaign?

Harris will have a big decision to make. Will she represent far-left California values and go hard after Trump’s nominee? Or, will she back off and take a milder approach to avoid harming the campaign with moderates? The knowledge that the nomination is guaranteed to go through by the Republican-led Senate has to weigh in the political calculus.

It comes down to fight now, or wait to fight another day.

Whatever happens, you can be sure it will be a politically determined choice that Harris makes. The entire process is loaded with opportunities and landmines.

We’ll be covering the nomination hearings and letting you know what’s important and relevant to the election.

Stay tuned!

By Don Purdum, Freelance Contributor

The above opinions are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the opinions of the publisher.

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