Trump Is Sending in the Feds After Wisconsin Governor Requests Assistance

Trump Is Sending in the Feds After Wisconsin Governor Requests Assistance

( – Once again, an American city erupted in rioting, looting, and arson following the nonfatal shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin. President Donald Trump and Democratic Governor Tony Evers spoke and agreed that an influx of federal police and the National Guard would be necessary to reinstate order in the city.

The Shooting

The original video released on social media, which set off the firestorm, shows a police officer attempting to pull Blake out of his vehicle and then discharging his weapon into his back several times. But as with so many of these disturbing videos, it showed only the ending of the altercation, not the whole thing.

Witnesses to the event, including the person who took the video, have told various outlets about the preceding events that resulted in the shooting that left Blake at least partially paralyzed. All accounts agree he was able to free himself from the physical efforts of two officers to restrain him and then simply shrug off the effects of being hit with a taser.

Help Is on the Way

As a result of the phone call between the president and the governor, the federal government will be sending reinforcements into the city. Reports say there will be more than 200 federal officers — FBI agents and US Marshals — and 1000 troops from the National Guard.

Like most Americans, the president seems to be fed up with the marauders taking to the streets, destroying other people’s property, and causing unneeded additional deaths. In his tweet announcing the agreement with Governor Evers, he added a parenthetical note that said “Portland should do the same!”

There’s no question that Blacks in America have historically had vastly different interactions with police as compared to their White counterparts, and that must change. Conversely, when a man can physically overpower two officers, be unaffected by a Taser strike, and disobey commands to stop reaching for a weapon (in this case a knife), the policemen and women on the scene must be able to protect themselves and innocent bystanders.

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