Trump Strategist Says Biden & Harris Need to Come Out of the Basement

Trump Strategist Says Biden & Harris Need to Come Out of the Basement

( – One of President Trump’s senior campaign advisers has been watching the rival campaign – and he says interesting things are starting to happen as the Democrats realize things aren’t going their way. Turns out Joe Biden can’t run a presidential campaign from his basement. The question is, has he left it too late?


Steve Cortes, senior strategy adviser to the Trump 2020 campaign, has been watching both the polls and the opposition very carefully as we get closer to November’s election. He thinks he’s seeing signs of nervousness from Biden and Harris as the former VP’s lead shrinks.

  • Talking to America’s Newsroom, Cortes discussed recent polls that show the president steadily making up ground on his Democrat rival. While Biden still has a lead, it’s now clearly fading, especially in the battleground states that will decide the election. Cortes says the gap in voting intentions has already been cut by half. A recent poll for USA Today backs that up, showing that a twelve-point lead in June is now down to seven.
  • Cortes thinks the growth in Trump support has forced a strategy change on the Dems. Up to now, Biden’s campaign has mostly been notable for its timidity, with the candidate talking to the nation from an improvised studio in his basement. Biden has insisted that he can’t come out and campaign actively “because of the science” on coronavirus. The science hasn’t changed, but now Biden is emerging into the daylight.
  • The likely reason is that he’s realized his passivity was letting the president campaign more effectively. Cortes said, “They realize that they can’t just run a stall tactic and effectively try to win by stumbling into the finish line, so, they need to get out and campaign.”
  • Democrats are resorting to increasingly desperate tactics to attack the president, with Harris recently saying she wouldn’t trust a COVID vaccine approved by the Trump administration.

A major problem the Dems face is that, while the economy is steadily recovering under the Trump administration, their own policies don’t resonate with ordinary Americans. For example, VP nominee Kamala Harris caused more controversy Tuesday when she told Jacob Blake, the man injured by Wisconsin cops two weeks ago, that she was “proud” of him. As Blake was wanted on suspicion of sexual assault and was resisting arrest while armed with a knife, most moderate voters probably don’t see a lot to be proud of.

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