Will Biden Get Another #MeToo Pass?


(RightWing.org) – Earlier in this election cycle, Tara Reade came forward leveling an accusation of sexual assault upon her by then-Senator Joe Biden when she worked as an aide for him. Now, other incidents of harassment by the Democratic Party’s candidate are resurfacing, but the big question is, will the Liberal politicians and media give him another “get out of jail free card?”

Copping a Feel

Political watchdog Judicial Watch has filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit in order to force the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to turn over all documents regarding a 2009 altercation between the former VP and a Secret Service agent. Biden allegedly used his hands to cup the agent’s girlfriend’s breasts without her permission while taking a photo.

Taking a (Skinny) Dip

In 2014, a tell-all book from Secret Service agents titled “The First Family Detail,” written by onetime Wall Street Journal reporter Ronald Kessler, detailed why some members of the protective details considered being assigned to Biden the second-worst. (Being on former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s team was more horrifying.) Apparently, especially female agents were put off because they were forced to watch their charge regularly swimming nude — of course not when his wife was home.

But Wait, There’s More!

Seven other women beside Reade have come forward over the years to say the Democrat has inappropriately touched them, or uncomfortably encroached on their personal space, which is disturbing. But above all that, at a 2019 town Hall event, he allegedly told a 10-year-old girl that “I bet you’re as bright as you are good looking.” This 70-something man did not use innocuous words like “cute” or “pretty” he told a prepubescent child that she was “good-looking.”

It seems like every day in the news we see that the Liberal media’s level of hypocrisy knows no bounds and the rules they would impose on others simply don’t apply to them. Will these resurfacing allegations be ignored by the MSM like all the others? What do you think?

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